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  1. It’s a pity that it’s sad. 😦 But, being the optimist that i am, I can see situations where pity is offered, but the recipient doesn’t feel sad, so, then, maybe, we could feel happy. πŸ™‚ I think my perverse logic could be pitiful, but who knows?

    • I was going to say something funny, but this is actually a touchy subject for me. (don’t tell the partiers on my blog this weekend).

      I strongly disagree with you. Pity is not beautiful. It involves pain in either others, or yourself, and like pain, it can produce beauty, or help you see beauty, but it by itself is not.

      For it to have beautiful results it has to be paired with action. Pity for yourself or others otherwise, is a complete waste of time, and pathetically sad (although, I do it too).

      I’m in a wheelchair. Pity from people who look and whisper is very different from pity by those who offer to reach something from a top shelf. Same goes for hungry kids on tv, burn vicims, etc. if it doesn’t make you do something, or and least make you value the things in your life more, it is an insult to whatever you feel sorry for.

      Same goes for self pity (again, don’t tell my partiers, and I do it too). If all you do is think, whine, or mourn your problems, it is very sad. There are always people worse and better off than you. Sometimes we all need to vent, but staying there causes nothing but decay.

      • Sorry to barge in here but pity, by itself, is nothing. I agree with you, which was the point of my earlier comment. It is empathy and compassion that create positive things.

      • I agree with all you’ve said, 100 percent. I love this: “For it to have beautiful results it has to be paired with action.” You are so right. This is more what I was envisioning when I said it is beautiful. Having pity (to me) means doing something to help someone because you notice and care that there is need and hurt. There is certainly a negative connotation for the word as well. Feeling sorry for someone (on its own) is pathetic. If there’s a way to bring pity to life, then it is worthwhile. But pity is a first step. You cannot help you do not see what’s around you and allow it to penetrate your shell.

        I really appreciate you sharing all your thoughts. This was a stimulating conversation. πŸ™‚

  2. I love the conversations you stir up in your comments. I agree pity if a worthless, sad thing. It’s empathy that it seems flipside was meaning and that makes life worthwhile because without it we’d never feel compassion for each other or have any motivation not to hurt people or use them for our own purposes.
    Thanks for making us think.

  3. I left my entry on Hotspur’s blog, not understanding it should be posted: In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about arthritis: it hurts daily.

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