Speaking of things that suck

By nature I’m not a whiner. By nature I am a liar though, especially when it comes to talking about how much I whine. Anyway, there is a pity party going on this weekend. Not here! I would never do something like that. That was another lie, kind of. The pity party is here, but it is also on other blogs that I suckered talked into it, and it should be on your blog, so write your own pity party and link to me. I will add all the links to a post so you can jump around to all the blogs and have fun. (Many of these pity parties are actually incredibly funny, so go).

Before I re-link to all of them, I just have to say that I woke up feeling super sick. It was horrible. I think I caught the man flu by going to LifeInTheFarceLane’s blog, so when you click here link, wear a mask or something so you don’t get the flu too.

Rebecca2000: WTF Friday #4 (Only a partial pity party, but anyway).

Roly: Hobbler’s Pity Party, and Pity Party Pooper Too (He whines too much for just one whiny post)

LifeInTheFarceLane: Pity party, party pooper? (Wear your mask for this one, or you might catch man flu).

Lisa Summerlin: All In A Day’s Whine (A little whiny, but whatever)

Love and Lunchmeat: Oh, the Things I Could Do If I Were More Like Martha and Double Plus Not Good (I had forgotten her first. I suck at remembering things. Now she added another because she was so mad that I forgot).

Edward Hotspur: Hobbler’s Pity Party (Not a very whiny post at all. He usually whines better).

Bats: Pity Party USA via Hobbler (Unselfish whining designed to make us real whiners look bad).

Mooselicker: His blog (Hasn’t actually written a pity party post, but he’s been whining in my comments).

SandyLikeABeach: Fake Pity Party (Not her actual title, but that is what it is).

Hobbler: It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To, Whiners of the World Unite (Professional complainer and writer extraordinaire)

Hopefully I’ve complained enough about their pity parties to give them material to write more. This party is supposed to go on through Monday. There are also many others who said they would write one, but they haven’t yet. When they (or you) write one and link up, I will re-post the links.

*Also, most of what I said about the blogs above is a lie. They are actually excellent pity parties. Sorry.

37 responses to “Speaking of things that suck”

    • Ah! I’m so sorry I forgot the first. I added it to this post. Just ignore all the stuff I’m saying about everyone’s posts. I’m just teasing you all. I will be right there for this one, it sounds awesome!

  1. I’ve got to whine about my treatment here. First I get told I’m not whining enough and then my supposed to be friend says I whine too much. Sheesh…….. there’s just no pleasing some people hey. I guess I’ll just have to drive her totally around the bend by writing another whinge. …….. or will I?
    Ha! The suspense should drive her scatty! or is it more scatty? 🙂

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