It’s so sad…

Like the fall of the Roman Empire, our magnificent pity party must suffer a slow agonizing death. There may be some a couple late pity posts, and I will be happy to celebrate the sufferings with any blogger who needs to write one.

Today I gave my phone a french toast batter bath. Long story…anyway, one of the reasons I am so active on WordPress is because of my phone app, so I might not be around quite as much until I get a new one. That is not a reason to ditch me, but if you would like a good reason, please see this post: Reasons to Stop Following Me

If you haven’t read them yet, read these party posts (I’m putting some of the more recent ones first, so be sure to check those out too, if you only read the stuff from earlier this weekend). Also, some of the best blog content is in people’s comments, so you should read them as well:

Badlandsbadley – Warning: Disappointment Ahead

Nemesis- Petty Things To Pity

Adorablyad – I Have a Lot to Pity Myself For

Rebecca2000: WTF Friday #4

Roly: Hobbler’s Pity Party, and Pity Party Pooper Too

LifeInTheFarceLane: Pity party, party pooper

Lisa Summerlin: All In A Day’s Whine

Love and Lunchmeat: Oh, the Things I Could Do If I Were More Like Martha and Double Plus Not Good

Edward Hotspur: Hobbler’s Pity Party and Silly Pity

Bats: Pity Party USA via Hobbler

SandyLikeABeach: James Hiding Philosophy Notes In Pity Party Dress Taken For Joyce

A big thank you to all of you who participated this weekend. You made it so much fun.

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  1. […] What else? Oh, yes. I didn’t have time (read: forgot…. Sorry….) to participate in the Hobbler’s pity party which I now realize was last weekend not this weekend. So we’ll see if I squeeze in a late […]

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