This is my drunk post

Except I’m not actually drunk, but I took my night meds and so I feel drunk. So, I have some questions for you all.

What is the biggest dream you ever had?

Do you ever fall asleep while you are blogging?

What do you think the best thing about having a blog is?

Will you hate me if I just go to bed right now?

16 thoughts on “This is my drunk post

  1. Blogging is my link to sanity, or should I rather say it keeps me sane when I compare myself to all the nutcases out there.

  2. I have not fallen asleep blogging, but I have fallen asleep while entering data at work when I’ve taken my night meds a little too late, so I have to be very vigilant about taking my meds early enough the night before so I’m wide awake in the morning.

      • I was writing after my meds last night & sometimes at other times. The meds just make me relaxed & sleepy for the most part, not so much drugged. What is worse is when I try writing after a few days of no/almost no sleep. I have to nip that in the bud when it starts to happen before it becomes a pattern again or I’ll stop sleeping almost altogether.

  3. To publish a book.
    Not yet.
    The people, even though you dont actually know them….
    Of course not! Also, Im reading this the next day or something, so this question doesn’t really apply to me.
    Are you going to answer your “drunken” questions in a post now?

  4. Biggest dream: clarify?
    Fall asleep while writing: No.
    Best thing about having a blog: Writing what you are feeling, your ‘universe’ and ‘things’ (values, opinions, outlooks, et cetra ad infinitum ad nauseum et all).
    Hate someone? For anything? Never. But I can dislike someone sometimes – while at the same time liking them, loving them and more.

    • The biggest dream was I think what you wanted to do, but I don’t really remember too much, and I’m too lazy to look right now. 😉

      I know what you mean about liking people while you feel differently.

      • So many dreams . . . so little time, LOL’ing. To have just a few come true would be nice – and I have. Some were some nightmares, but hey – just goes to show: be careful what you ask for.

        Just being happy has been the longest dream I’ve ever pursued, tho’. Turns out it’s been a lot harder to do than say.

        Starting a company with a friend of mine to “mine” (dredge) mineral rich nodules off the ocean floor – to fund a private space program – was one of my earliest dreams. Of course it never came true, and good deal: I hate to think what we would have been doing to the ocean floor. But I feel our future lays beyond this world; having all our eggs (us) in one basket (earth) isn’t a good deal – especially if a meteor falls down (like the dinosaurs).

        Wish I could work on something really big/important (like Virgin’s space enterprise) – hell, I’d volunteer for it if they’d put me a cot in the lab. Don’t eat much, either, LOL – good deal for them. 3D designing – that’s my forte’, along with a whole lot of science background in a bunch of fields. Would be ‘fun’.

        Those meds and the season . . . good for sleeping but never do get much done, LOL!
        Until later. you & hubby have fun.

  5. I think I was talking about the best thing you would like to do if you had the chance, but I can’t really remember. I understand about disliking someone like that.

    Have a good night Jeff.

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