The “Awesome At Awarding Awards Award”

I love getting blog awards. Just ignore this post: #1 and this one: #2  and these others: #3 and #4.

Like I was saying, I love getting awards, but I don’t like the chain letter rules that are often attached. Still, I appreciate the fact that I have received quite a few.

In fact, I appreciate all of you who have given me awards so much that I made up an award for you, and anyone else who chooses to honor me with one of those things.

Awesome At Awarding Awards Award

Most blog awards want you to answer certain questions about yourself. Since the people who give those out usually already know something about you, lets play this award game a little different.

Rules for this are pretty simple. I’m going to list some words. Your job is to write the first thing you think of when you read that word. Then pass this on to anyone who gave you an award. Or not…I’m not a big fan of rules.

  • awards
  • you
  • blogging
  • don’t
  • let’s
  • why
  • party
  • oh
  • try
  • watch
  • life
  • favorite
  • no
  • I’m
  • sorry

This award goes out to:

HoaiPhai       TikkTok       alanschuyler         nida      nailingjellotoatree

life is a bowl of kibble         Jeanna         J. Boudreaux        joehoover

benzeknees         writerwannabe763        pixiepot        Delilah        puddinggirl

evea192        Love & Lunchmeat         Edward Hotspur         rebecca2000

Thanks again everyone.

30 responses to “The “Awesome At Awarding Awards Award””

  1. Thank you dearly for the award, dear Hobbler. 😉
    I’m honoured! I’ll write the post as soon as it’s possible. This award looks pretty fun. 😉

    • You can do it if you want. I decided not to make it mean. Anyway, I only gave it to people who had given me awards at some point, but I’d love to see what you would come up with.

          • I am posting the next chapter, putting small alien pictures in the character and race notes, doing laundry, practicing my songs for the band, prepping the next chapter, answering these comments, working out, shaving, showering, picking up Mollie and some other kids, making dinner, shopping, playing with the bored dog, so, yeah, I am just sitting around… sigh…

  2. I would like to thank you very much for the award. I would also like to thank the all the little people behind the scenes (not really because there are no scenes or little people but the big stars always thank them). Honestly, I do appreciate the recognition. Keep up the good work yourself.

  3. Oh, I just realized that you have your awesome new awards in your sidebar… Will write the other based on the prompt shortly… I love awards that are more contest driven than rule driven!

  4. I thank you kindly for this retaliatory award! This summer has been a total bust in terms of blogging for me but I’ll shunt my response post to the top of my To Do list!

  5. awards- shiny
    you- You and Me, Lifehouse, great song
    blogging- time consuming
    don’t- Harem pants! Just don’t wear harem pants. No one looks good in those things.
    let’s- ???
    why- Why not?
    party- Girl Party!
    oh- [insert inappropriate curse word here]
    try- Try again. Fail. Fail again. Fail better.
    watch- Nope. I watch so few television shows I can’t even think of one.
    life- always evolving
    favorite- sushi
    no- It’s always a good thing to know your own boundaries. If that means you have to tell someone to fuck off, then so it goes.
    I’m- a bit tired and scattered these days.
    sorry- Has it ever actually harmed a relationship to say this word? Probably not. (Whether it’s too little too late is a whole different question.)

  6. Well, since you bestowed it on me, I guess the rules state I have to give it to you. But I don’t really expect you to do it a second time. Although now that I think about it, you never really answered your own list the first time.

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