To write…

I’ve got to say it. I’m a little stressed. Writing is my passion. It’s the one thing I have a little confidence in. When I write I can easily get lost in the story, but I’m having a hard time focusing at the moment.

Part of the problem is that I’m not really writing, just formatting the OAA stuff. There are so many submission guidelines and requirements. Since that is actually a drama production, I have to re-write the majority of it in script format. I can copy and paste each character’s dialogue, but that takes about as long as rewriting it for most of the lines.

Eventually I will write my grand book idea, but I have a lot of content here that I should already be able to do something with first. Some of you have self-published a book in eBook format, and I think that is great. I may eventually do that too, but am I over reaching to want a hard copy publisher?

When did it become more about the name, marketing, etc. and less about the actual content of your piece? Anyway, I’ll keep writing. I can’t really help it, but one day I hope something more comes of it. Until then, I hope some of my writing matters to some of you.

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    • Thanks. I think you read me because you are bored and it gets you out of housework, but any reason is fine with me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Do you think a new writer can even make it? I know the 50 shades woman did, but I don’t write porn books.

      I’m not really as stressed as that sounded. Just frustrated at the requirements publishers have. I hate that “do it our way” stuff, but I guess they have to have guidelines.

      I’ll quit whining now. Love you too!

      • If we read your stuff to get out of housework but didnt like it, we could read something we did like to get out of housework….. Keep writing, please, even if you dont share it. There’s no reason to not aim for publishing hard-copy books. As for the e-book, I think I’d like to publish a quick story I think I actually could finish, and see how it’s recieved – testing the waters. But my major projects I want to publish hard-copy because they mean alot to me. That make sense?

        • Good point Bob. I guess it wouldn’t be that bad if you did read my blog to get out of housework. At least you’re reading it right?

          That makes sense about the quick story verses one that you really care about. Having an eBook might be a good reference to put on your letter to other publishers too.

          • I meant that if people didn’t enjoy your blog, and only read it to get out of housework, why wouldn’t they read something they enjoy and still get out housework that way? I love your blog, it’s sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always enjoyable and well written. It was one of the first I discovered on WordPress and I always will love it. I’m sure others feel the same way. Stop being silly, Hobbler.

    • I will. I need to get a safe or have my husband set a password on the computer that I don’t know for when I’m PMSy. I will most likely try to destroy my writing if not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. You need to change you name; that’s the ticket! Copy some Author’s names . . . Maybe Edgar Rice Lovecraft? Or Stevie King? Then it won’t matter what kinda crap you dribble out – the publishers will love it. (Read any of King’s stuff lately? Really sorry fare compared to his early stuff – when he was still poor and struggling!).

    Maybe Rodney King Poe Obama . . . . might get some publishers to bite there. Just don’t admit you were born in the United States . . . or anything, LOL!

    Have fun, Hobs.

  2. Last night I had a book publisher tell me he really wants to work with me and you know what I did? I immediately PANICKED. My brain went blank. I’m sitting here this morning almost in tears b/c I can’t seem to get anything decent written. I guess all we can do is just keep at it and at some point, we weed out what isn’t good. You can do it!!! xo

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