To Print or Not To Print? That is the question…

Some of you know that I have been working on formatting a series of posts that I wrote as a drama. I finally got the thing done, but it’s 38 pages. I don’t know whether or not I should print it.

Some publishers require a hard copy, others will take an email submission. The problem is committing to using the ink, paper, etc. I’ve also heard that it’s a good idea to mail a copy of any writing to yourself and then not open it. Since it has the postmark and the seal, it helps in court if copyright issues come into play. Proof of authorship.

Anyway, I may be over thinking this whole thing, but since it is my over analyzer posts that I’ve been working with, I am allowed over-think time.

So, what should I do? Some publishers even want 5 copies of the thing. I guess I will have to print eventually, but what if I want to reread and edit it some more? I have read it many times, including reading it aloud and timing it. Should I stop thinking about it and just hit print?

21 thoughts on “To Print or Not To Print? That is the question…

  1. I am torn LOL! I say yes print it, but like you I over-analyze everything and if you want to edit it all that paper and ink is wasteful. I know that wasn’t very helpful. 🙂

    • Not helpful, but logical. The only thing that really needs work is the synopsis, so I will edit that and print it. I’m going to send the first copy to myself, so if there are a few errors, it won’t be that big of a deal.

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