You want to be with me?

If you met yourself walking down the street, would you be interested in that person? Would you like to take yourself out for a drink, or maybe take you home to have a little more of an intimate encounter? After a few days would you still want to be with you?

If you are anything like me, you might take a second glance. You may even say hi to yourself, but out for drinks? Bringing that person into your home? That is a little more complicated.

Just so we are clear, I’m not talking about liking the fake you. I’m talking about the real one. The one currently still in her pajamas. The one that can be laughing one minute and crying the next. The one who yells at her kids. The one who hates his job. The ugly one.

There are a lot of things that are out of your control. You may not be perfect, but you can become someone you like. You can also learn to like the person you are. Best of all, you can have a good time doing it. At least I hope so. I’m not my favorite person either, so I hope you don’t mind me tagging along on this journey to wanting to be with ourselves.

Once a week I’ll be posting on this topic. Unless I am hormonal, or pessimistic, or lazy…or busy making excuses. Okay, I’ll post if you show up. We have to like each other while we learn to like ourselves.

32 thoughts on “You want to be with me?

  1. This is a great question.

    Right now, the me I am today, I would say yes. Even in my pajamas (which I am) and even given my ups and downs I like being alone with myself. I like the way I think, the things I do, and my moral fiber. I think I am cute. But that is today.

    There are days when I have to turn up the radio really loud or watch tv all day just so I don’t think to much. There are days when I annoy myself and the sound of my own voice makes me cringe. But I guess all relationships have that, the need for space from the other person. But it is really hard to get away from yourself.

    • Sounds like you have a pretty good balance going. I think most of us have good and bad times. Being alone is nice for me, but not necessarily alone with myself. I have to kind of forget I’m there to really enjoy it. That is what this whole thing is about I guess. Being okay with it all.

    • I never would have guessed. That was a joke of course. After how many pics you post of yourself, I am sure you would enjoy looking at yourself.

      Not that there is anything wrong with that. A healthy self esteem is a good thing.

  2. I wouldn’t mind hanging out but “be with” no I don’t swing that way so neither one of us would be interested. It would make a more exciting fight in the cage then I’ve had in a long time.

    • That is funny. I think I’ll talk more about that one of these weeks. πŸ˜‰ Maybe not…

      The fight would be good. I’d pay to see that. It would probably get pretty messy though.

  3. Hmmm… If I met myself on the street, I would either think I was weird, or boring.
    If I met myself and I were a chick, then we’d be good, ’cause I’d probably be slutty.

  4. Great post, Hobbs and I love this topic. I am just getting acquainted with who I am, having lost me somewhere at the intersection of career and motherhood. But having started to peel of some layers I’m really liking what I see… The issue is does this come across to the outside world. Very much looking forward to reading you on this.

  5. I generally like being by myself, I like my own company. But lately, I don’t much like the person I have become. 2012 has been a very bad year for me work wise & yesterday I lost my job. I feel like I was black balled the entire year & put in situations where I could not ever win. So I fell victim to the bad vibes around me & became depressed (hence no writing for so long) & even when I tried to climb back out, it was with trepidation – too many people telling me for too long that I’m wrong or incapable or useless. I haven’t written anything terribly sincere since I returned to writing, rather I’ve resorted to comedy or humor to fill the gap. I want to get back to the person I know I can be & I know I need to do this because I need to be in that place before I can go job hunting.

    • I’m sorry Benzeknees. It is horrible to go through all that stuff. I understand the depression, and how it can make doing anything hard.

      You could write about how you are feeling. Sometimes that helps me, but it can discourage your readers. Some of my “bedtime stories” were written when I was feeling very depressed. Sometimes it is easier to write fiction than fact, and it is easier for others to read too.

      I am sorry, and hope you feel better soon.

  6. I think my answer wouldn’t be the same every single day. Some days yes, others no. Today? Not so much. I don’t think I’m a horrible person to live with but I’m difficult. If I have PMS I’m Satanette. People run away and hide but not before they’ve tried slipping mass quantities of Valium into my food and drinks. This is a good question woman!

  7. Love this topic! I *think* I’d want to hang out with me. I think we’d get along well except we’d annoy each other by being EXACTLY ALIKE. But maybe it would be a good opportunity for me to practice forgiveness and patience with myself. Hmmm. This is very thought provoking.

    • Good! Getting annoyed with yourself would be pretty common I think. I’m wondering if that doesn’t mean you should shake things up a bit and try to do different things every now and then. I’ll write about that one of these weeks. πŸ˜‰

  8. U ask a good question with this post. My answer is no, i would walk on by and i will not look back. For i am a clueless man with nowhere to go to or something to do. I failed to be some one or to do something with my life. So i will just keep walking.

  9. I remember a friend of mine saying that if she were a lesbian she’d be all over me. In that moment, it kinda dawned on me that I like me too. Occasionally I’m a huge pain in the ass, but most of the time, I like being myself. Even in pajamas and/or Birkenstocks. I do sometimes require a kick in the ass though, and I do wish I were more motivated and organized. I’m so lazy sometimes that it’s truly appalling.

  10. Depends on the day – sometimes yes and, sometimes, well, you know, but most times I’d probably not notice the “me” hurrying by (I walk fast). On the “yes” days, I’d notice a resolve honed through years of feeling inadequate and a resolve to continue that no longer. Interesting post. Has me thinking.

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