A few things before I go,

I’m dying, so I thought I’d share some things with you. I’m not dying immediately. One day I will be, but it will probably be years from now. Stop freaking out. You should expect stuff like that from me.

  • Sorry I’ve been gone quite a bit.
  • I’m ditching Trifecta this week.
  • We tried to make coconut shrimp, and the coating kept falling off. Any tips?
  • I changed the name of this blog to Plays Well With Words. It’s a long story, but I needed to.
  • Just finished off a box of chocolates…thanks HH.
  • My house is a mess.
  • I haven’t felt like writing much lately, but I think maybe next week I’ll get some words out.
  • WhatIMeantToSay was in my dream last night. Quit haunting me! I’ll look at your blog soon. Everyone else go there after reading this.
  • I’m going to be a comment slacker, and not reply, maybe at all, to some of the stuff you’ve said in the past few days, but thanks for commenting. I have and will continue to read them, I am getting too far behind though. I’ll be back to my normal, chatty, annoying self soon.
  • Thanks for reading and understanding. You all are awesome.

33 thoughts on “A few things before I go,

  1. OMG…my heart dropped when I was reading your opening sentence. Then I got where you were going. Welcome back, hopefully the words will come easily to you soon and you can fill your blog. PS….like the new name! Cheers.

  2. You had me going also. The new name makes me smile. Get more chocolate it will make you feel better.chocolate brownies with choc.ice cream work for me.As for the shrimp sorry not a clue.. Be Awesome see ‘ya soon πŸ™‚

  3. Love the new blog name Hobbles! I was going to say this a couple posts ago, but I’m trying to keep up also. My heart nearly stopped when I read your opening line, that goodness it’s not right now!!!!! Did you try coating the shrimp with whipped egg before you coated it? That’s my best idea.

    • Thanks! I like it too. I needed to set up stuff for my publishing attempts, and this name wasn’t taken. I thought having all my stuff match (email, domain, blog) would look more professional. I don’t want anyone else using that email though, so I haven’t linked it to this site.

      As far as the shrimp, we didn’t use egg. The recipe had dipping it in cornstarch, then a pina colada mixture, then the coconut/breadcrumb mixture, then back in the pina colada, then the coconut. The first few shrimp kept the coating on, but then it started not sticking at all. They also fried too quick. The recipe had the oil at 375, but it burnt the coating and the under layers didn’t cook well. It worked better when we turned the oil down, but since the coating kept falling off, it still was pointless. 😦 Coconut shrimp are like a little taste of heaven to me, so I need to figure out how to make them. I do think we will try baking the next recipe.

  4. I just had to take another anxiety pill. I can’t take too many more of these “funnies.” I noticed the new blog name a while ago. I like it much better. Ooooohhhh chocolate. Damn I have to buy my own LOL! Take care of yourself and we’ll see you when we see you. —-P.S. I ditched Trifecta and all the rest. They will still be there when you (and even I) are ready to come back.

    • I got off xanax. It was messing me up. Detox sucked, and I’m keeping them around in case of super stress, but I feel better being off. I’m glad you like the name. Good point about Trifecta, I don’t think they’re going anywhere.

      • I can’t do Xanax (another of my oddities LOL) I have Klonopin and I made a special trip to the dr (no insurance remember) to get the Klonopin script, one for Ambien (still not sleeping) and a letter getting me excused from Jury Duty. I was having one helluva a panic attack from that. I have been on Jury Duty, one trial and weeks of having to call every day to see if I had to come in, but right now between the physical pain, the Bipolar that either would have me hopping around and not focused on what was going on or them having to drag me out of bed and the panic attack of all panic attacks it just wasn’t happening. Right now everything is giving me a panic attack. Plus I wrote on the comments that I take narcotics and tranquilizers. I don’t even know what day it is. And to top it off he put me on Zyrtec (drowsy allergy med) for the symptoms of the mold allergy I mentioned weeks ago. It is getting better finally.

  5. Never had coconut shrimp but it sounds delicious and I have a freezer full, though I think our shrimps (we call them prawns) are pretty scrawny though. But I do other squid prawn recipes and often the oil isn’t hot enough to seal the coating on. Otherwise I always dip things in flour first so the batter sticks to it. Or if I am breadcrumbing, flour then egg then breadcrumbs. What is your system? I could ask Ina Garten, I always wanted to appear on the Ask Ina segment on Barefoot Contessa looking gormless on a terrible PC cam.

    • Coconut shrimp is wonderful when it is made right. This recipe sounded good because it mixed pina colada in the batter, which is another great thing. See the comment to Benzeknees for the whole process we tried. I’m not sure who Ina is. I don’t watch cooking shows except sometimes “The Chew” that show is actually pretty good.

      • 1) Cocktails as food – now you’re speaking my language.

        2) The Chew? Never made it to Food Network UK. And you don’t know the delightful Ina Garten! Not even from my Food Network parody posts?
        Quick synoposis of Ina – Mega rich, lives in a house that takes up half of East Hampton, her husband works away in the city so she invites her gay friends round for dinner all the time. She doesn’t check the cost of ingredients in the supermarket like the rest of us. Her tip on finding a good olive oil? Buy 6 then see which is best. Her tips on finding a good balsamic vinegar? Buy 6 and see which is best. This is how she finds the best everything, not sure what she does with the ones she bought and didn’t prefer. She’s great.

    • I was dream walking with you. It was weird, I am not sure what you look like in real life, or in my dream. I just knew it was you. We were walking and talking. Probably laughing a lot. It was a quick dream, but it was fun hanging out with you. πŸ˜‰

  6. Got my damned attention with that title heh. Hey, think of what your blogs will be worth when you do die!
    Due my own slacker tendencies and blog posts I’ve decided nothing I’ve ever produced will go up in value, leaving an estate of debt for my daughter.
    Decided to take the garden hose off the exhaust pipe today. When I get around to it.

    Liked your post -funny, honest, and well written as always.
    ~one of your many lurkers

    • I write about dying pretty much every time I want to get people’s attention. πŸ˜‰ One day, everyone will think I’m lying, and that’s the day I plan on really dying. I don’t think I’ll have anything worth much. I got my second rejection email for my stupid play.

      Procrastination is one of life’s few joys. It’s never a good idea to rush it. Thanks for lurking around my blog. πŸ˜‰

  7. Everybody is born dying. Being alive kinda insures you’ll die. Guarenteed.

    Breading. Sticking. What an old chef taught me:
    Wet your meat, whatever.
    Coat in flour.
    Let it “REST” – and this was the important thing. You are making paper-mache’ glue – flour & water, right? When the flour turns ‘gray’ and gummy, you are ready to coat.

    That “resting” part made all the difference, I found – and my wife has found. You can’t rush it. But it’s true: you are making papermache’ glue for your food.

    Who knew?
    (smiling – ‘I’ did, LOLing).

    Have fun, Hobs. And remember balance.

    Walking dreams. I used to have dreams of flying.
    Last one when I was 12.
    I fell, and then a bad thing happened. (wry smile).
    Glad it was just a dream.

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