Why is it so hard to write?

This is so weird. I have never had as much difficulty writing as I’ve been having lately. Everyone says “it must be writer’s block” when writing is difficult. Some of us are way too creative to fall for that silly excuse. Here are a few other excuses:

Top Ten Reason’s it’s Hard to Write

 10. Life – Life is designed to keep writers from writing. Forget all those books, people, religions, etc. that tell you otherwise. If it wasn’t set up to keep us from writing, than why do people have a hard time writing?

9. Time – Time works against writers. Maybe you have a publisher deadline, or a committment to some other writing task. If time would just wait for you to think of something to write about, this would never be a problem.

8. Hunger – You could be consumed by the thoughts of how children around the world are suffering hunger unlike anything you can imagine. The odds are though, you probably are being kept from writing by the desire for a snack.

7. Your computer broke – That is our only way of writing once we grow up. It breaking, or the fear that it might break, makes writing impossible.

6. It takes too long – Writing is a very time-consuming task. As mentioned in #9, time works against writers. If you want to get anything else done, you will probably not sit around writing.

5. Depression – This is a very serious issue. If you have not experienced depression, than you probably haven’t suffered writer’s block. It is also possible that you are a writer who focusses their writing on stupid stuff, or on self-help crap. If you are a writer who has never been depressed, who writes normal/good things, who wakes up every morning feeling full of ideas, etc….you suck.

 4. Top Ten Lists – You waste your time writing them instead of working on the things that are actually important.

3. You can’t spell – “But there’s spellcheck” you say? Some of us are much too creative to rely on something like that. We would rather use our lack of spelling skills as an excuse not to write, than as a reason to use spellcheck.

2.  Heartbreak –  How can you be expected to write when you have suffered the loss of: your memory, your imaginary friend, your other sock, etc.?

1. The Number 1 Reason’s Writers Don’t Write – I couldn’t actually think of anything…

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