May I have your attention please,

Blogging for the most part has been a good experience. I think overall, it has helped my writing, but it has also hurt it.

I’m not going to blog anymore. I would rather be an okay writer than a great blogger. I waste too much time here, and I don’t get any real writing done. I have book ideas, poems, dramas…

If I had spent half as much time on those as I have here, I would have finished something by now. Some people can do both, blog and write, but I get obsessive. I would rather obsess over something with the publishing potential.

I also would rather obsess over my family. I put a lot of things to the side, when I’m here, but I can’t do that now. My kids need to work on their reading, my oldest needs some creative outlets and some guidance, and I want them to see my passion for words. I also want to bake and I need to take care of some of the things I’ve put off as far as household stuff goes.

Anyway, thanks for understanding and maybe one day you’ll see my name on the best seller list. Or on the cover of a dollar store book. 😉

20 thoughts on “May I have your attention please,

  1. Good luck Hobs! It is really hard to find the time for everything. I may leave your link on my blogroll for a while (just in case you change your mind). And you have my e-mail and what not…

  2. One of the hardest but wisest things we can do is leave a project (or even a residence). Great things happen with change. I’ve enjoyed the candor and honesty in your blog, and you’re being honest with yourself. May you find success and wonder in your next ventures.

  3. I’m not going to “like” this because I don’t like that you are leaving us – I will miss you. Good luck with getting your work published & I hope to see your name on the best sellers list!

  4. Will certainly miss you! You keep things lively! Take care of yourself and your family. They are what’s important and good luck with the writing be it book, poem or screen plays.

  5. What the hell?? You can’t do that to us… To me! I had better here from you often little woman. You know my email. Love to you,your babies and your house better appreciate all that attention it is going to receive! Love you Becka

  6. Best of luck, Hobs. I know how it’s hard to balance things sometimes- as of late I have been neglecting my blog in order to focus on other things.

    I wish you the very best wishes with your writing and although I’ll miss your humour, energy and distinctive blogging style, I can’t wait to read those best sellers that you’ve got stored in that mind of yours! 😉

  7. I’ll miss you, as well. Do what you need/want to do, we’ll all hope you change your mind…. but honestly, I don’t want to read your blog if you don’t want to write it. Good luck.

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