New Name

Link Fanher Baker won, so my new pen name will be L.F. Baker. When you see this on an upcoming controversial novel I may, or may not, have written it. Thanks for your help.


4 thoughts on “New Name

  1. I missed the voting. Trying to figure out how I missed that and then remembered I just spent 8 days in the hospital. My Bipolar Disorder overran my good sense (ha) and I tried to leave this cold, cruel world and not by spaceship. I was unsuccessful in my attempt and after my family got done crying I found myself in the hospital without any freedom. Sucky place to be LOL! Upside, I am trying meds again and so far feel pretty good….but can’t figure out if it is the meds (probably too soon) or if I am going manic again. Either way I feel better. Good luck with your book submissions.

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