Haven’t been here in a while…

…but what is up with WordPress making certain words/phrases links? It is annoying if you ask me. Which you didn’t, so…

Also, I thought I’d check out the Trifecta writing challenge, and can’t get on to their site. It redirects to some thing I have to sign up for. Weird.


15 thoughts on “Haven’t been here in a while…

  1. Because of changes made by Word Press, for a while, I had trouble finding my own blog & getting on to write. Now get back to work! Not that we don’t love you here, but I’m being supportive.

    • Nice to see you too John. I am doing pretty good. I need to write every day. That is something that blogging is really good for. I haven’t written as much, but I am working on two real books and I’ve submitted a lot of previous stuff and some children’s books to publishers. Just a few rejections so far, but maybe someone will take pity on me and give one a shot. 😉

      How are you doing? You went on your trip right? I need to read more about it, but I hope it was amazing.

    • no, I can’t. I have to make money somehow, and writing is my best shot since becoming disabled. I miss you though. It feels good to be here for a few posts.

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