Trifecta: The Final Act

Haven’t entered one of these for a while. Trifecta‘s prompt word is “Survive”.

The  Final Act

How can something hurt so much?

The life that’s left is hard to touch.

The pain so deeply pushed inside

She knows this time, she won’t survive.

Lines of agony, tears of rage

Scratches of hopelessness fill the page.

The heart once beating longs to be still.

An empty life, nothing can fill.

The knife draws slowly across her wrist.

Blood, the proof she still exists.

In shallow breaths, she wonders why

Life was only found, when she chose to die.

She isn’t sad, she doesn’t regret.

She’s broken beyond what she can forget.

As the cold swept in, she closed her eyes

Spirit long gone, her body dies.


– Hobbler


37 thoughts on “Trifecta: The Final Act

    • Thanks. It is nice to be here every once in a while. I’m trying to do some real life stuff, and I’m also trying to do some real writing, but I’ll stop in sometimes.

    • Thank you. To me, suicide is a desperate act, but not necessarily a cowardly one. That said, I can understand why you, and many others feel that way.

      Sometimes, at least in the minds of those who contemplate it, suicide can be a sacrificial act. When you believe with all your heart that other lives would be better without you in them, and the longer you exist, the more damage they will have, suicide seems an appropriate act.

      This poem expresses the more common suicidal aspect. The lack of feeling. A life of just existing without really being alive. It is hard to describe to those who haven’t experienced deep depression.

      Of course, there is also the ‘assisted suicide’ debate for those who are suffering. We put our dogs to sleep, but we can’t help our loved one. I’ve written quite a bit about that topic. 😉

      • That’s really heart rending-i mean to believe that other lives would be better without u in it-I hope & pray that it never happens to anyone I kno,including me!:-)

        Euthanasia,on the other hand is a different issue altogether esp in case where someone is suffering from an ailment which is incurable or is brain dead-but as like any other issue dealing with human beings & more importantly sentiments & emotions,is again debatable:-)

        Thk u for taking time to explain your point of view-its always interesting to note how we all look at same things from a different perspectives.Tc & God Bless:-)

  1. Sad. Beautifully rendered. I believe attempting suicide (let alone succeeding) would be the most difficult thing anyone ever does. When the hurt is so profound you can see no other way to stop it. You’ve captured this well.

  2. Welcome back Hobbles, I’ve missed you! When you get to the point where everything seems so hopeless you cannot even feel anything anymore, that’s when this seems like a viable option. I have reached this point twice & each time the hurt I knew I would inflict on those I loved pulled me back. I knew I was hurting them by staying, but not nearly as much as my act would make them feel. Not only would they feel hurt by my act but there would be guilt & anger added to it. I could not do something to hurt the people I loved & vowed to never get to this point again.

    • Thanks Benzeknees. It is nice to be here. My kids have saved my life several times. Without them and others who love me, I would have ended things long ago. There are days of my life that I have no memory of because of taking too many pills…I’m not sure if those times were even suicide attempts or just trying to get extra pain control or sleep.

      Depression is dangerous on so many levels. It disguises motivations, among many other things. I’m glad you are okay.

        • The book is not going too well. I got distracted by the holidays, and I’m painting and stuff. I have 2 books I am somewhat working on, and I started a new writing project…a television series idea. Have you heard of Amazon studios? You should check them out. They have movie and scripting contests, but really I haven’t written nearly as much as I would like too. I’m hoping to write for at least an hour a day, once the kids go back to school.

    • Thank you Lumdog. I think there is an element of beauty in sadness, but maybe that makes it even more dangerous… I might be overly philosophical today though. 😉

  3. She’s broken beyond what she can forget.

    Sorry for the cliché, but you have hit the nail on the head.

  4. It’s very sad…I have been to the point of attempting but did not succeed…One sometimes does not think of the consequences…but even though it was a fiction poem I wanted it to have a different ending….Diane

    • I imagine she did too. Some things just are. I’m sorry to hear you have been there as well. I think Trifecta did quite a good job with this challenge. Writers, this time of year, artists in general…there are many of us who relate.

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