The Road to Hell

Trifecta‘s challenge word “intention”.

The Road to Hell*

‘She looks like she didn’t even take a shower this morning. I would never let mine get away with that. Doesn’t she realize they are in a public place?’

Every judgmental thought and noble intention vanished as her three-year-old threw herself on the floor and screamed those same words she heard so long ago, “but I want it!”

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20 thoughts on “The Road to Hell

  1. I’ve taken a screaming 4 year old out of the mall in a side barrel carry because she wouldn’t listen/wasn’t getting what she wanted. Many more examples and it’s still going on as baby adults. When I see a parent having trouble, I smile and wince in empathy. Yes, humility happens.

  2. Egad!A nightmare every Mom is terrified of!Am one of the few lucky ones never to have faced it for I have an angel of a daughter-but then ofc I am a Dragon of a mother,lol!But I completely relate & understand & have wondered the same & thought the same thoughts,whenever I have seen such unruly behaviour!Loved it.:-)

  3. Hahaha! Thank goodness my kids are past the tantrum stage (except on very rare occasions). When I hear other kids’ tantrums I say a quick prayer thanking God it’s not me that has to deal with it.

  4. That’s a great message in such less words. We often end up judging other parents before even realizing what they are going through with their kids. Totally relate to this one.

  5. I’ve been there from both sides. I totally empathize with the parent, but I would never let my little ones disturb other people. We left until things calmed down. Except in airplanes! :/

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