22 thoughts on “Life of a new beginning

  1. I really liked the way you highlighted the importance of donating our organs ,on death!A great new start for many.Beautifully written too:-)

  2. A poem for organ doners… sorry… donners… because doners would be weird, like you were going to eat those organs… like the Doner party, get it? Good post…bad spelling… on my part…. but not my best part… I am not donating that!

  3. My spelling is worse than even I thought. Is it really doners? Because that sort of freaks me out. Maybe it is Donner party. Curse you. WordPress, for not having a spell checker in these comment boxes!

  4. Very cool but kinda gross, and the donor orguin rhyme made me laugh. Bet it would make an awesome rap!!!

  5. How beautiful. My 15 year old cousin passed this past Sept. He was an organ donor. He saved so many lives. I’m thankful to you for writing this.

  6. Great job shining a light on the importance of being an organ donor. Great writing for a great cause.

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