A series of unfortunate events (blatent plagiarism, I know)

That title could be referring to traumatic injuries, natural disasters, or really bad haircuts. More likely it is all reminiscent of a bedtime story, which one day I will probably tell. 

I was thinking of beginning it now, but the sky is so blue, and the warmth of this summer day has sucked the desire to write away from me. Koontz, my Mountain Dew, and the porch swing are calling me. 

Till we meet again…

8 thoughts on “A series of unfortunate events (blatent plagiarism, I know)

    • Think, lemony snicket, wizard of oz, and plenty of Alice in wonderland. Maybe throw in a little Sade for good measure. That is how I’ve been, but at least there’s always the comforting world of fiction to return to when real life gets too unbelievable.

      How have you been John? Any new adventures?

      • Been a busy year for adventure. Might need a break lol. Spain last October then sailing Antigua in April. Alaska cruise in July. Side trips like crazy all over western Canada. Too much fun. I see a few posts. Will have to pop in on the weekend and touch base

  1. How nice to see even just a few words from you Hobbles! Hope you are doing well! You are definitely missed here on the interwebs, but I imagine your real life is so much richer for not spending the time here.

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