I feel good


I’m in the hospital. Don’t worry it is just the next step in the process of making a fully automatic humanoid full of wit, charm and the ability to straighten my leg.

The only downside is that I’m not going to be able to run hurdles. Upside? Maybe with a little faith, and trust, and pixie dust, I can walk. Maybe. A step or two. I’m not going to go too crazy, walking (and its best friend, falling down) broke me in the first place.

I am really happy about this surgery. My last one too. My surgeon rocks.

Anyway, I am even more happy about this past weekend. Camping with my sexy husband. In a very wonderful, very special campground with beautiful scenery, lots of fun, and freedom to be yourself.

As writers in general, and bloggers in particular, we are storytellers. The story of this weekend, this year, really, my whole life is restlessly pacing the cell of my mind. It threatens to break free, but I’m trying to keep it inside until I’ve been able to process it more.

This might have something to do with the painkillers, but for the first time in quite a while, I feel really good.

Wonderful now that they eased my pain, and I have ice-cream and cherry cobbler on the way.

18 thoughts on “I feel good

  1. I hope you have ice cream and cherry cobbler drenched in rich fudge and loaded with peanuts and almonds and pistachios and topped with the world’s sweetest, reddest maraschino cherry. And I want you to walk painlessly, effortlessly again. Your hopeful attitude and cheerful disposition deserve all that. God bless.

  2. Yum! Ice cream and cherry cobbler. Sending you wishes for quick healing and a few chopped almonds for the cobbler. Can’t wait for the words to burst forth from your fertile cell of a mind.

    • Thanks Diane! It was good.

      If i write about this past weekend, I’ll probablly make the post private and only let in people who I’m familiar with. Nothing too crazy, but a few slightly naughty and/or mildly illegal occurances.;)

    • Thanks. I already am feelung better. I have pain from the surgery, but the pain that was there before surgery seems to be better. Different type of pain, and hopefuly it doesnt last as long.

  3. Sorry I didn’t know about this sooner Hobbles (or can we still call you that since your surgery?). I hope everything went super well for you! You have been so missed.

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