Today, I start the 1000 word challenge. I’m not super excited about it. In fact, I’m wondering if I should still try to start today, or if I should focus on my newest obsession, “On Writing” by Stephen King. As everyone in the whole world knows, Stephen King is a master storyteller, but this book shows his humanity well.

Why is it that fame, success, power, etc. make people seem more than human at times? Authors, musicians, actors… people pay for their used trinkets. Its weird. Anyway, this book is wonderful for really seeing how normal, everyday events can shape our lives.

I just finished the first section of the book, which mostly consisted of personal details and stories of King’s life before writing became his full time job. The next section is supposed to give tips and advice to writers and those of us aspiring to become writers. I’m excited, but I know I’m supposed to write too.

Maybe I will throw out a bedtime story tonight. Those are fun and easy to write. My daughter has a candybar fundraiser for her school which will take a few hours tonight too. I typically hate fundraisers, but yesterday she got her first box. We decided to take the box with 60 bars in it to the entrance of a local grocery store. Guess how many she sold in about 90 minutes? 55 bars! Our family did buy 5 of those, and the pizza delivery guy bought 4, but the rest were store patrons. It was amazing. She can now get the keychain prize. (Which probably costs 50 cents if you were just buying it, but you have to sell $60 worth of stuff for it).

Ok, kids are home. I’d better get busy.

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    • I love his openness and humor in this book. It is wonderful to find an author as successful as King is who doesn’t mind spending a little time getting real about writing.

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