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She’s so lucky. Look at how everyone notices her. I don’t care what people say, they are definitely nicer to some people than they are to others. Appearance really does matter.

Funny thing is, she probably doesn’t even appreciate it. Some people are meant to be special, and it really sucks when the wrong person gets the perfect life.

I thought this doctor would be the one. I am so sick of them telling me to be thankful for what I have, and referring me to psychiatrists. I know what I am supposed to be, and if they aren’t willing to help me, I’ll take care of it on my own.

No one should have to spend their lives wishing they were something they aren’t. I’m done pretending.

She used her hands to help unfold her leg from underneath her. The numbness went away after a few minutes and she walked over to the bathtub where her instruments of freedom awaited her.

She slathered the lidocaine about mid-thigh and prepped the gauze and blade.

Phone handy? Check.

It took 8 minutes to get to the hospital from her apartment. She would make sure re-attachment would be impossible by mutilating the lower leg, but she’d have to be careful not to lose too much blood while the ambulance was on its way.

Who’s special now…

4 thoughts on “Envy

  1. Very dark… truly dark.. What adjectives would you associate with this story, darling? The ones that come in to my mind are shallow, selfish, ungrateful and dark (in a kind of prickly grayish full of quite metal scratching noises tone). I wonder what comes to our mind.. Could you tell please? ;0) x x x x

    • Ok, you asked for it. 😉 Im doing a series of posts on the seven deadly sins, and trying to fully represent each with words. This representation of envy is to me, dark yes, but sad too.

      Envy is such a tragic thing. Whether you want to be beautiful, or have money, or whatever it is that you don’t have (like an amputated limb); that feeling consumes you. Envy demands obsession and devotion at all costs. It is like pulling the plug on the drain of your life and soon everything gets twisted and…lost.

      Okay, I’d better shut up. I feel myself going into over analytical mode. 😉 you should read the other deadly sin posts, and it would be wonderful if you took me up on the challenge to write some of your own. I think I’ll send out a reminder challenge.

      • Well Madam, your play with words is very inspirational indeed! You have engaged my attention and I shall accept your challenge (I will call the time and place myself though;). I pick Gluttony as my “favourite” sin. I believe that this is the most common and dreadfull of them all! Too much of a good thing can actually turn one’s life into something very bad! And I obviously not talking only about food here but everything/anything …good (fantastic even 😉 that we sometimes manage to turn into ugly waste just by overdoing it. Would that be acceptable to you, Madam? And may I paint/draw a bit to support my arguments/story? Elena ;0) x x x x

        • I’d love art with it! The challenge is for anyone, anytime, anyway they’d like. I’m not a big fan of rules. I haven’t written about gluttony yet. I think that is an incredibly dangerous one. Seductive as it is. I became quite gluttonous of writing, wordpress, admiration, etc. almost lost my marriage, and did lose many friends over the whole deal. I look forward to your thoughts and interpretation

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