Best Thing You’ll Ever Put In Your Mouth…Creamy and Delicious

A few of you were wondering about my favorite ice-cream. I wrote this quite a while ago, but my feelings haven’t changed much regarding this.

The Dark Side

As a connoisseur of all things sweet, it is a rare occasion when food crosses my palate and is met by an uncontrollable audible moan of rapture. My friends refer to this as a “FO” which, of course, is short for “food orgasm”. The world seems to stop as my taste buds demand the attention of my entire body and mind. At this point, I will apologize for the graphic nature of this post, I just know of no other way to describe the sensation.

Blue Bunny has many wonderful ice-cream flavors and more frozen yogurt flavors than its competitors (which my husband appreciates), but I have never experienced the reaction that its birthday party ice-cream brought out in me. If you have never tried this ice-cream, it is like having a birthday party in your mouth. Blue Bunny Birthday Party Ice-cream – around $4.00. FO from eating it – priceless.

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