But Mom You’re Too Old to Drive (Chrismas Carols)

I really can’t stay – (but mom you’re too old to drive)
I’ve got to go away – (but mom you’re too old to drive)
This evening has been – (I’ll warm the car before you get in)
So very nice – (Watch out! You’ll slip on all that ice)
Now you shouldn’t start to worry – (Why are you trying to hurry?)
My shoes were right by the door – (They’re still on your feet like before)
So really I’d better scurry – (As if you know the meaning of hurry)
Maybe just a couple of games more – (Alright now that drink I will pour)
I’m trying to think – (mom, just please sit right there)
Now, you shouldn’t drink – (I’m  40, I think it’s fair)
I wish you were more – (I’ve heard this one before)
Like your sister Bell – (This story again she will tell)
She always said “no, no beer” – (Whatever, you just can’t hear)
And she never cussed or lied – (You never knew the things she would hide)
But I love you just the same – (Mom, let’s just go out)
*both: But I’m/you’re too old to drive
I simply must go – (but mom you’re too old to drive)
My bunion’s hurt so – (but mom you’re too old to drive)
My medication – (Well, thanks for dropping in)
Makes me feel warm – (Just wait till our noses hit that storm)
Your meal was very delicious – (Tastes good when it’s not nutritious)
But you really don’t need to gain more – (This is why I go to the liquor store)
You’re acting a bit suspicious – (The “weight” comment was a bit viscous)
Well I guess that I’ve been wrong before – (That comment I should probably record)
I’ve gotta get home – (Ok mom let’s go out there)
Say lend me a comb – (No one’s gonna see your hair)
Your living room still looks bland – (Mom, please just take my hand)
But don’t you see… – (Come on mom, just let me be me)
I guess we will talk tomorrow – (Some meds I might need to borrow)
Thanks a lot for giving me a ride – (No problem, didn’t want to hear you died)
I wish I could stay – (Come on, let’s just go out)
*both: brrrr it is cold outside

If you like this you should see my other updated Christmas Carols under the Christmas category. Also, I am going to take a little break (few days) to shop for good Christmas deals. Please be sure to carry some tissue around to blow your noses when you cry cause you miss me… 😉

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