Up On The Housetop: Do it yourself guide.


Up on the housetop you better not pause
   You’re not really Santa Claus.
Down through the chimney you might fall
   If you put the lights up so tall.
Oh, oh, oh! There you go.
  Ow, ow, ow! Call an ambulance now!
Up on the housetop you will trip.
  So decorating you should skip.
Now in the house we decorate the tree
   Putting the star on is hard you see.
So I leaned it over but what do you know
   Trees aren’t designed to bend like so.
Oh, oh, oh! There it goes
   Oh, oh, oh! Hurts my toes.
Now I have learned my lesson well
   Putting the star on, the whole tree fell.
If you really feel the need
   To deck your house with lots of speed.
Better make sure your insurance is good
   Things don’t always go like they should.
Ho, ho, ho! Broke my toe.
   Ho, ho, ho! Must move slow.
Down on the ground I’m going to stick.
  You decorate from now on, good Saint Nick.
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11 thoughts on “Up On The Housetop: Do it yourself guide.

  1. Okay you! Look what you have gone and made me do. I followed your lead and gave a ping back to you so you could take all the blame.

    Well durn, I went to get the url for my post and you had already been there. Yes we geniuses ROCK

  2. I think you should submit these to Weird Al so he can make an album and some videos. Unless, of course, you’d want first dibs on singing your own stuff? 😆

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  5. Ummmm… A delightful cautionary tale of pain and suffering due to overdecoration of the home. These accidents happen more often than you might think. But how brave of you to make fun of the injured and maimed for our amusement!

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