Bedtime stories: about a girl

Once upon a time there was a girl.

I know, I know, no one wants to hear another story about a girl. All the stories that could possibly be imagined, have been, until some psycho like Jodi arias comes along with an especially gruesome twist, but never the less, I’m a girl, and like all the other stupid bitches, Who go off doing their self-absorbed shit, I’m writing it.

This girl believed in love. This writer isn’t sure.

One day the girl received a letter saying her long lost love was returning. She excitedly got ready and started tidying her home. She wanted everything to be right, perfect.

When her love returned, at first things seemed well, but soon the arguments started. She knew she needed to do more, and be more of a good love, for the feeling of love to stay strong. She tried. She could be better. More thoughtful. Less moody. Happier. She tried. She worked. She learned.

The writer watched.

As the household got more under control, and as thing began to flow more smoothly. Life did become happier and still manageable. Love was kind of shelved during this time of transition, and when the time came to reexamine the feeling, it was still there, although through the process the girl had learned that love is not free.

Love is forged between endurance and sacrifice. It is bathed in pain and bears many battle scars. It is not a commitment to be made lightly, nor an adventure to go on with improper preparation. Love is synonymous with pain. Love should be revered, and love should be feared.

Wise women would keep that in mind.

This writer will.

goodnight , sleep tight.

13 thoughts on “Bedtime stories: about a girl

  1. There is a lot of hurt within what you say…. and it is a recognized hurt . And I do give a ‘damn’…. but maybe you’re just venting and that’s okay too… Maybe you don’t want any words or response… Just lettin’ you know… take care… Diane

    • I like hearing your responses to anything I write. That’s the best thing about blogging, interactions.

      Bedtime stories are a good way for me to brain drain. A lot of them reflect my moods, but some come out of left field too. 😉

  2. Oh baby…after reading this, I feel like giving you a very big mental hug… And think that may be for the time being The Writer shall try to steer clear of subjective terms in her vision of life. In my experience, in black and white version, this film called life is much less entertaining of course but is much more reliable hence bearable. As when presented in numbers only, all things make much more real sense. My math teacher was always saying that mathematic has the answer to everything in life one just needs to learn how to apply it. I’m starting to think that he might have been right… Love! E x x x P.S. Back in school I thought that my math teacher could’ve not been more wrong and knew absolutely nothing about life…:0/

    • I do need a bit of good, old fashioned, black and white, no emotion allowed common sense. It is hard for me to see the world logically. Thinking of things mathematically, where absolute truth and values exist, would probably be helpful. Thanks for the virtual hug. 😉

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