As David moved closer to the women and their small fire, he was suddenly, almost sickeningly reminded of his mother. Odd, he thought, but he didn’t allow himself to reminisce. His constant attention to the present moment was the only thing that mattered.

The women were chanting something, but he couldn’t make it out.

In unison they looked up at him.

You’re tired, and hungry. Say a few words, and we will give you some food before you head on. Even young travelers must rest, one of the women said.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know how…or what to say. I don’t know if I believe. I don’t understand…”

Shhh child. There is no set way. Some pray to God. Or to many gods. Some talk to the woods, or the moon, or even their own spirit. Our world is too full of evil to remain silent. One must speak. To anything, anyone with power to make a change.

“I don’t know if anyone is out there who could somehow stop it, but our world is in trouble. The outcasts are moving again. They kill. They do much worse. They spread. They killed my mother. My friends. I know I’m just a kid, but I escaped. My mom said there are reasons for everything. So there must be a reason for me.

I don’t know how to stop it. How to fight them, but I will find a way. Let my heart have courage for the battles. Let my mind be sharp. Let my words become honey, sweet to even the most hardened ears and minds…”

Although David didn’t notice, the women had been watching the oil in their pot since he had begun speaking. As they watched, beads of oil had risen in a line and moved toward the center of the pot. When he said those words “let my words become honey” the oil had changed into honey. Strangely shaped honey crystals were forming along the sides of the pan.

“I must become more than I am now. Please, unlock my potential. Please show me who I’m meant to become. Please help these strangers who’ve helped me. if something can, it should.

This is Baker speaking. Enough for tonight. If anyone is actually reading these, you don’t have to. I’m writing a novel on WordPress and it seems like I’m only doing a couple of pages a week. Anyway, I’ll post these in the “book” category, and I’ll try to put book in the title if you want to skip, but its easier for me to write a bit at a time. Night.

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  1. Ms Baker,

    To confirm, I’m actually reading those! And would very much appreciate if you continue writing and posting it (at what ever speed/location you prefer;)

    Stay warm! 😉

    Love! E;0)x x x

    • You are too sweet. I need to write the damned thing. It will probably come in short bursts, but if I write enough, in a few years I can just copy all the posts and make a book. 😉

          • Funny you should ask… Last month or so I’m having the worst time ever with it…And of course doing all possible for the world not to see it (with the most charming smiles I can master ;). But I ‘ve seen my neuro about a month ago and she directed me (without me asking) to neuropsychiatrist and after perfectly lovely and lively chat (or it seemed to me it was ) I find a copy of the “post appointment” letter were I’m being diagnosed with severe depression and strongly advised to consider medication. Well…me personally think that this is typical post Christmas blues and I can hardly wait for spring to get here! What about you, honey? From what you were saying before you have so so so much on your plate right now. I think not to get depressed in your position you’d ought to be a very super super human! ( not that I’m saying you are not;) So…Super Girl, how are you dealing with that highly undesirable ad-on to your life? ;0) xoxoxo

            • Oh… Just thougt I’d mention, if you ever need to talk to me I can be found on Skype (elenaw14) I know it’s not a very blog thing to do but sometimes talking to people you’ve never seen before does the trick. And of course, I would love to help, if I can. Love! E;0) x x x

            • Sorry it’s been a rough month for you. Probably seasonal blues is a contributing factor. So you aren’t currently on meds for it? I am. Supposed to be on two, but one ran out and is taking forever to get here. I think I’m hormonal too. Sigh. I manage ok most of the time. It is good for me to blog. I tend to isolate myself.

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