Venturing away from the book for a moment.

Can I ask you something? How would you define narcissism? Not dictionary definitions, lets start with examples.

I’ll start. If you believe when you are driving that the other idiots on the road intentionally cut you off, slow down or speed up around you, would those thoughts be narcissistic?

Or maybe if I think that the only time people call me is when I’m in the restroom. Is that narcissistic?

What about the thought that everyone is always fine, until you are in a bad spot and can’t take care of them. Though that might often be the case, is the thought narcissistic?


22 thoughts on “Narcissism

  1. I think it’s when you think it’s all about you. But is thinking about one’s self (or selves?) narcissistic? Wouldn’t writing autobiographic material be narcissistic? How about a facebook post, a status ‘update’? Isn’t that catering to the narcissistic ego? Who knows? LOL. (Since I don’t, I’m assuming no one does, and that’s being narcissistic, too, isn’t it?)

    I think Hotspur’s “egocentric” vs. narcissistic observation was nearer the mark than any of us..
    It’s not always about ‘you’. Sometimes it’s about ‘me’. LOL! 😀

    • I don’t do Facebook either, and yeah, Hotspur is probably right about the egocentric. I’ve thought about the autobiographical stuff, but sometimes, like with your blog, your experiences and thoughts can help others. That has got to be a good thing..

  2. I think Narcissism and Pride very often enjoy each-other’s company. But when being Proud can be very attractive… Being Narcissistic unfortunately isn’t (unless one is Narcissus’s mother;) x x

      • Hmm you say that… But what about parents looking so so proud when their kids do well. The other day I was looking at the pics of my friend’s wedding. She looked soo beautiful and happy and her Dad was beaming with so much pride (and why shouldn’t he, right?) And What about graduations? Also when I manage to walk in the park for an hour or so, on the bad day when I though I wouldn’t be able to leave my flat… At the end of that day I am not confident (because I’m not sure if I can do it again)… I’m so damn proud of myself and I’m sure that if someone who loves me would’ve seen me at that point in time, they would find it attractive! And our friend Narcissus wasn’t just being proud of himself (in a good way) for doing good dids for people and then got tricked by bad guys, who were just plain bad/jealous, in to admiring himself in the water? ;0) x x x

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