Bedtime story: I’ll think of something

I can’t write. I’d call it writer’s block, but I’m not writing anything, so I can’t exactly call myself a writer. Anyway, bedtime stories usually come relatively easy, so I thought I’d try one.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Kara. This girl was exceptionally gifted…gifted at lying.

When her friend accidentally broke her mothers favorite vase, Kara said, “Don’t worry, I’ll think of something to tell her”. When her mom got to the room, Kara explained how she and her friend had seen the vase moving, then it fell over and a mouse ran out.

When she forgot to take the trash out, she told her parents she had hurt her wrist and didn’t want to tell them cause they would worry.

As she grew older, “I’ll think of something” became stories of why she didn’t make it home on time, what happened to her homework, why she was wearing different clothes coming home than when she had gone to school, etc.

Of course, her parents, and teachers, even her friends were quite annoyed by her consistent lying. She was good at it though, and therefore it was hard to prove she was lying.

In fact, despite the lies, she fell in love and soon became a wife.

As any married couple knows, it’s not always the way the fairy tales would have you believe.

The first time he hit her could have been an accident. He said he was sorry right away, and he explained how he was just pretending like he was going to slap her, when she turned her head into it.

The next time was a little more clear, and, after all, she did kind of deserve it.

She didn’t understand why she was becoming too stupid to do the laundry right, or make the right food for dinner.

Now, huddled on the floor, she prayed the bleeding would stop, but knew it wouldn’t.

Look at this mess you’re making! Why can’t you just do things right so I don’t have to keep showing you?

I’m sorry. I don’t know.

Well, you better start thinking, cause it looks like we might have to go. I think there’s a new one on Robinson. You speak a word of this and I’ll kill you.

Can’t you understand, I don’t want to hurt you? I love you. You are just so damn difficult sometimes.

Don’t worry, I’ll think of something.

15 thoughts on “Bedtime story: I’ll think of something

  1. I think u r an absolutely brilliant writer, my dear. Who just seems to be burying herself way too deep. But I’m sure she knows exactly what she is doing (as she just knows better…;)! ;0) x x x x

  2. Was I really that transparent..? 😉 I think, Taurus who is not a “get it done person” is an oxymoron, darling! So let’s wait and see than, shall we? ;0) X x x

    • Sounds good to me. So Taurus doesn’t get stuff done much? I need to read up on my astrology. My husband is also Taurus, but very different from me. What’s up with that?

  3. NO! Taurus is all about getting things done!!! ;0) x x x P.S. In my experience, getting things done very well seems very important to them (I mean you;)

  4. Cancer (born on the Bastille day ;0) The most sensual and sensitive of them all. With us it’s all about what we feel as most of the times it seems to be overruling what we think ;0) And we r also extraordinary moody people (but we always mean well though 😉 x x x x

  5. My daughter used to ask me sometimes for a bedtime story. So I told her:
    “He was born, lived, then died.”
    “the End”.
    and switch off the light and walk outside.
    Good one.

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