Memoirs – A Life of Crime


These are the stories that shaped my life, these are my memoirs


Joe Hoover is the highly regarded author of “Current account cheque book” published by Barclays Bank.   He will soon be launching a Stateside book tour reading excerpts and signing copies.

Reviews for Current Account Cheque Book:

“It grips you from the first page,  ‘Account Payee Only’ resonated with me,  his words are life affirming”

“I couldn’t put this down, a fantastic debut”

“An absorbing and interactive novel, cleverly inviting the reader to insert their own comments in the ‘Pay to’ and ‘For the sum of’ segments, leading you to create your own adventure in his fantastical world”


Slowly I unclasped my mother purse and shielded my eyes from the explosion of moths that burst from within.   There gleaming was a shiny new 50 pence piece.  I had never seen such riches.

I slid my fingers in and…

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