Hi. Or is it high? I am high. I have multiple sclerosis. Marijuana is not legal in my state. It should be. I want to run a series of posts about this topic. To do justice to the validity of the argument, I will need to get real. Very real here and let you into some parts of me that should probably remain hidden.

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    • No, but it should be. It helps me sleep. Helps my body unlock. I’m involved with a research group here (the same group I do the clinical trial with). My neurologist says that from what he can tell, the benefits are mostly a placebo effect, but that’s wrong. It works.

      I’m hoping they will start doing some form of study on it here soon. It pisses me off that I can take serious narcotics like hydracodone and ambien but not a natural substance like weed.

      • That’s not fair, I thought it was legal in most places for medicinal use. That’s crazy.

        At least they see the money it is making in other states may make them extend it elsewhere.

        I just hate anything where they deem nature to be illegal. I don’t smoke it myself (weird considering my past) But the pharmecutical industry have to much involved in decisions.

        • Yeah. It’s okay for me to use super expensive stuff that has horrible side-effects and is destroying my liver, and probably all my other organs; but I’d better not smoke pot. Another thing that sucks is how long the prescriptions take to work and then how long they keep working.

          I can take an ambien, not be sleepy for like 1/2 to an hour, still wake up during the night, then be out of it in the morning, or I can take a few hits of pot, feel sleepy within like 20 minutes, and wake up not out of it. The drug companies run our country.

          • Too right, and the cost! They are cheap here on the NHS but people still make a mint. They monopolise the market and fix prices so the NHS (the taxpayers basically) have to pay for it. I know a girl whose father is a pharmecutical giant and was always up in court for his scams. There was that and buying £6 million houses and not paying stamp duty as the company buys it so are exempt. Like a company can live in a house with a pool and tennis court…

            The rich get richer and the poor suffer the burden

  1. The status of legal and non-legal drugs in the world and U.S. make no sense at all. In the end it comes down to (as numerous others have said) what the government can make money off of. Beer and liquor is legal because in order to produce it in mass quantities you need large amounts of equipment which is easily traceable and becomes easy for the government to line their pockets. However, with things like marijuana, it can be grown anywhere you could grow any plant and it much harder for the government to trace and profit from.

    That being said, there are drugs that were at one time legal pharmaceutical choices and have since been banned. The reason in most cases is addiction and long-term effects which marijuana does not fall under.

    • Sometimes I wish that everyone could just feel the pain and spasms some of us go through, then the relief from weed. It isn’t a cure-all. It isn’t a miracle, but it is so much better than so much of the crap I can legally take.

      There are the mental benefits too. I’m high anxiety, and it seems to be worsening as I get older. The mental relaxation alone is worth making it legal. I always thought my mom should smoke pot when I was growing up. She’s wound so tight. Now I’m becoming her. I only smoke when my kids are asleep, but they might like a more relaxed mom too.

      Now they are making so many strains of weed…breeding it for desired effects. It could bring in money to the government with taxation and stuff, and even though people would surely sneak around the regulations, many of us would abide by them.

      • I agree 100%! you know, am not sure how the taxation is working in this state. Know that Colorado is dealing with it.
        The local dispensary is now selling an edible that works for pain relief, but causes none of the high.
        To which I say… my life is already painful on several levels. What’s the point?! hahahaha

        • That’s another thing, just a little time and freedom, and they come up with an edible that doesn’t produce a high, they already are growing various strains which help with sleep, or energy, or appetite, or whatever…

          Our country spends millions of dollars fighting marijuana, and locking people up because of it. Why not invest a little into exploring and cultivating it so everyone could reap benefits. There are kids who need the muscle relaxation to fight seizures, etc, but who don’t need the high. There are obsessive-compulsives who could benefit from the high more than anything else. Then there are people like me, who just plain benefit from it. Make it legal, figure it out, make everyone happy. World peace! 😉

  2. I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis on August 11th. It’s a wicked cousin of TM, and sometimes a TMer slides into MS. As with MS there is no agreed-upon cause, no cure, no treatment outside of P.T. and opiates.
    Medical marijuana IS legal here in California. I use a wonderful pain salve on my hands and calves. It is made with cannaboids, beeswax, almond oil, grapeseed oil and a dab of essential oils; I can smell the lavender mixed with the cannabis. A lovely earthy aroma.
    When my legs are cramped into balls of ripping pain this salve alleviates the grip. My thumb moves easier when it’s applied.
    I go to a wonderful pain management doc. She agrees with me on the benefits of using medical marijuana. Was diagnosed with this shit while still living in Nevada. A state with draconian drug laws.
    As you mentioned with booze the government claims the addiction rate for cannabis and other now illegal substances is too high.
    Really? REALLY? It’s okay for myself and millions of others to wash down friggin opiates for the rest of our lives, and spend money on the random drug testing that comes with it? Three tests that show ‘dirty’ i.e. levels too high on the prescribed oxycodone and/or an illegal substance and you’re banned. Screwed.
    for states with a law protecting Medical Marijuana this is literal and legal torture.

    Is there some government conspiracy to jack up the price on Milk of Magnesia?

    It’s funny, though sad, seeing so many vehemently opposed to it. Fellow transverse myelitis sufferers in our FB group freak out.. Just say the wood WEED! and it’s like yelling Squirrel at a Griswold Christmas dinner.

    Please please please keep your thread going. Am anxious to see what you think, what relief you get, and the comments of others.

    Go for it!
    ~Marijuana: Not just for Burning Man anymore~
    xo and have a fabulous and pain-free evening

    • I’m sorry to hear about your condition, and the problems associated with it.

      Opiates are scary stuff. Of course, I can access as much of those as I want, but they are a bitch to kick to the curb. I broke my hip a few years ago and have had plenty of opiates since. I finally decided to wean myself off them, and I’m still in the process of recovering my personality. If it even exists anymore.

      I see shows on TV like dr Phil talking with a prescription addicted mom, and I can tell by her behavior and personality which drugs shes on. There’s the Xanax attitude (don’t care, and don’t care that I don’t care), the opiate mood swing drama, and all the other completely legal BS that comes with prescriptions.

  3. I remember when I was first diagnosed with COPD & I was in the angry stage, I once joked with another blogger how pissed off I was that if I had to get a deadly disease, why couldn’t I get one where I could smoke pot for relief? All kidding aside, more states & provinces should make it legal.

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