To be or not to be: sleepy


So, legally I can, and do take Ambien. This is a class 4 medication. For more information on drug classifications, see this link:

Side effects include:

Anterograde amnesia
Hallucinations, through all physical senses, of varying intensity
Altered thought patterns
Ataxia or poor motor coordination, difficulty maintaining balance
Euphoria and/or dysphoria
Increased appetite
Increased or decreased libido
Impaired judgment and reasoning
Uninhibited extroversion in social or interpersonal settings
Increased impulsivity
When stopped, rebound insomnia may occur

Some people including myself experience various things like eating, driving, or performing other daily tasks while asleep.

One night my kids were brushing their teeth, and being silly, funny, fun. I made a cell phone video of it. The next day I watched the video.

I did not remember anything my beautiful, wonderful, silly kids had been doing. I would have passed a lie detector stating I did not make that video or see any of it, had it not been for my out-of-it voice in the background of the video.

I have lost many hours of my life, not to mention the fact that I’ve woken many days to trails of coconut, or other snack /weird food crumbs, which I’ve produced during episodes of sleep eating.

There are many other negative effects, and of course the addictive/dependency issue, plus the increased risk of cancer; but this drug is completely legal and okay for me to take every night.

Marijuana is illegal. It makes me sleepy, helps my spasticity (which frees me from taking additional medication), and doesn’t create complete time lapses in my memory. Explain that…

5 thoughts on “To be or not to be: sleepy

  1. I used to take Ambien in high school when it hadn’t been approved for public use yet. I had a…connection….that could get his hands on stuff like that back then. I remember taking it during school and back then (probably a different recipe) it was almost like lucid dreaming. One time I thought my hand was melting through the cafeteria table. Good times being 17….

    Sorry about all the side effects for you though. It does suck when medical necessity creates an environment that alters you on a daily basis. Hope you find a better solution!

    • I have. It’s just not legal yet. 😉

      The lucid dreaming is crazy. In my case, I have frequent dreams of doing completely normal stuff. Waking up, getting the kids ready and off to school…then I wake up for real just in time to realize they are still asleep, and now have missed the bus.

    • Thanks. Empathy is more important than literally feeling pain sometimes. If everyone truly had empathy, pot wouldn’t be illegal. Not when it truly helps people.

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