To prude for her own good…


A good friend told me once that another loved one (can’t get too specific here, sorry) was “too prude for her own good”.

I fear I am becoming that. Or I fear I was becoming that. Maybe still am. I don’t know, but I don’t want to be that.

My biology wants me to be that.

What age is it when you turn into your mother?

Ok, so in the name of everything not prude, have a great night! I’ve got to go smoke some weed, watch some porn, and get drunk. πŸ˜‰

36 thoughts on “To prude for her own good…

  1. Well, its probably good to have a balance of prudishness and laxity.— I feel like “prudeness” should be a word and I’m actually pretty taken aback that prudishness was the alternative. Ish is a weakening of a strong verb. And I like my verbs strong just like I like my drinks.But I’m getting off topic.—–So yeah, I would say 50/50 with friends and 90/10 at work…or maybe 80/20 if you’re just cool like that.

    • Wait, 90/10 like more prude at work?

      Balance is good, but I get like either super prude, or super crazy/free (especially when drunk). Mine seems hormonal more than anything else, but I am getting more prude as I get older. It sucks. I want to be fun. Free.

  2. I think you start turning into your mother as soon as your children are old enough to talk! Because then they start to talk back – usually their first word is “No!”

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