Anyone against legalizing marijuana, please help


I need help understanding why people don’t want to legalize marijuana. This is a legitimate question. I’m willing to discuss or debate, but only if anyone feels comfortable doing so.

If you are against it, and still reading this, please post in the comments why you feel the way you do about it. I just need to know. Thank you.

16 thoughts on “Anyone against legalizing marijuana, please help

  1. Vices (addressed to the prohibitionist)
    Don’t like it? Don’t smoke it.
    I like it. I toke it.
    It hurts me? That’s fine.
    All vices
    Have vices:
    Your vices and mine.

  2. Nice! The title of your post put me on Auto-Click. I’m thinking: she’s against legalization?! Fuck, is she on drugs?

    Have a friend from my online FB support group, A few weeks ago she made the drive here to hang out for an afternoon. She has far milder symptoms than I, but still has pain. She is Adamantly against legalization or use. She seems rational regarding other subjects, but never on this.She will not even discuss it. As if the subject were distasteful.
    I believe a lot of it is age and previous years of religion (not spiritual belief, religion). She is no longer in any way religious but holds a few residual ideals. As in, ALL drugs lead to a heroin overdose. Except alcohol of course -grin-.
    I’m 52 and she’s maybe 62.

    Yet another friend is also 62, and not only uses it for back pain but recreationally as well. Tsk tsk tsk.
    Believe the former friend missed the 60’s in lieu of old world family values. She is second generation in this country, and perhaps her parents instilled that idea.

    Nature or nurture eh? I could go on -ducks rotten vegetables- but you get my point.

    Thank you for the wonderful idea of getting another viewpoint.

    ~Don’t forget…Everybody must get stoned. Sometimes I have to smoke two joints, especially when I pass the dutchie on the left hand side. I hate to fly 8 miles high, but with a little help from my friends, I remain The Joker. Because I got high.

    • Religion must have something to do with it, but what? Weed is natural. God must have planted it for something.

      I wonder why nobody on that side talks much about it.

      • Plenty on the internet. The thing to remember is the actives (THC, canniboids) are not water soluable; therefore, it is essential to use oils (butter is popular) while cooking. Remember heat, oxygen, and light are THC’s enemies, so the less cooking the better. Yah; we studied on this a LOT and had quite a farm going for a looonnggg time. 😀 You know me: if you’re gonna do a thing, do it well. I was just tired of my money going to cartels for a very shady product that came from Lord knows where. Once I bought a bag that had a joint in it – a human finger. “Nuff said,” I thought. Time to change how I do business. And I did. 🙂 Wish you luck on this one, kid! If everyone grew it they’d have to put us all in jail.

  3. Probably just lack of education. Believing spin that it is illegal so therefore bad for you and will addle your brains. I don’t smoke it, used to about 15 years ago, but have done much harder stuff and have no problem with that either.

    We’re too quick to blame something else for our behaviours and take no responsibility for ourselves. I look to binge drinking problems in UK towns, they drink til they literally crawl home. I read a recent report of a girl suing (and suing isn’t that common in the UK, but legal entities are trying to copy the American system) Red Bull as she drank 12 cans and collapsed.

    Why do we blame others for our lack of control? Most people are capable of partaking in something responsibly but we are all punished due to the scaremongering caused by the people who don’t have that off switch.

    • I suppose you’re right. It is hard to imagine over-doing it with weed though. I guess some people would become too lazy or eat too much.

      I think the “fear” factor, lack of education you mentioned, is a big deal. I need to call my parents and get their perspective. They’re old school…

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