To spew or not to spew…


I’m sick. Yeah, I have all the regular disability crap, I also am sick, sick. You know, throat sore, coughing, weakness, runny nose, and nausea and the loss of appetite that comes with it.

I could take some OTC anti-nausea liquid, but has anyone tried that stuff? If you aren’t already throwing up, you will be if you taste that.

Of course there is a palatable alternative, which not only reduces/eliminates nausea, but also stimulates appetite, but unfortunately it’s illegal in my state. Is there anyone out there who can tell me why?

7 thoughts on “To spew or not to spew…

  1. Why it’s illegal: politicians haven’t figured out how to rape your pocketbooks with it – just yet. As soon as they figure out how to ‘control’ it so that ‘they’ (the powers that be) can get rich off it, you can bet they’ll have it on the market shelves.

    Grow yer own, Hobbler. It’s not easy, but it is just a weed. I grew my own for a long, long time. Can be quite a joy. In more ways than one.

    PS: hope you feel better. Disability doesn’t give diseases time off. I should know. Just got over that belly stuff a few days ago. Ugh. Needed toilet paper for both ends, if you know whut I mean. and yeah, I know: TMI, lol. But that’s me. 😀

    • Sorry you were sick Jeff. Hope you feel better. Growing it is definitely a thought, but I’ve got to explain the situation to my kids, and it would probably help if it were legal.

      • Aw, we’re feelin’ fine. LOL, that’s the boss: body gets ‘off’ and he takes a vacation. Leaves us kids behind. (Matthew here – been running the show the last few days). And me the babysitter. LOL. If he wants those dumb bushes planted he can do it himself! hahaha! (got tired of lol there). Have fun, babe! Hopefully your kids can find you some ‘stuff’ – and if not them, keep asking around – friends & whutnot. When I was 13 (okay, that’s the alter – I was 17) – an old man turned me on. course we’d been smokin’ from before. But I hope you can get some – get some anyway even if you feel better for hard times. Hope you make a good score, and at a good price. It is really good for depression, anger, and just chillin’ out. Plus it makes TV more fun anyway!

        • Lol, yeah, I can get it when needed. I’m a lightweight, so it lasts a while, especially cause I basically do it only to sleep. The mental relief, from stress, anxiety, etc. is wonderful too.

          • “The mental relief, from stress, anxiety, etc. is wonderful ” You nailed it there, honey! I used it , well, like forever for stamping down the nightmares. yeah, we found when we smoke weed there are no dreams. Stop smokin’ it and hang on! Nighttime rides were the time of my life (in my head I mean). I don’t know if you recall, but we had nightmares for 48 years before we ever had something approaching a ‘good dream’. Thanks to marijauna I was able to avoid a lot of “it” (upsetting and some down right damnedable dreams – some which would muck me up in the head for days!) I dunno if not having dreams (or at least not remembering them) is any good, but it worked for me. I hated having those!

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