Your chance to save a life:


After my adventures yesterday, being hooked to an iv for a few hours is boring me to death. Literally. To death…

So, to add a little excitement to my day, I am depending on all of you. Please answer the following question:

What is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to you? (Please no crap about getting married or having kids or whatever, unless you did so while skydiving)

41 thoughts on “Your chance to save a life:

  1. This just startled me as I can’t think of a single thing. I just amble along in life taking things as they come. I’ve travelled about, I have a lot of fun, but I coudn’t pick something I would regard as exciting. Is that sad?

  2. I was in a motorcycle accident when I was 17. My boyfriend rear ended a car who stopped suddenly in front of us (he was shoulder checking at the time). I remember feeling myself flying through the air in slow motion, I remember doing a summersault while flying through the air in slow motion & then I remember landing flat on my back on the roof of the car we hit which is when real time came back. I slid down onto the trunk of the car we had it, sat up & looked around me like “what happened?” Then I noticed my boyfriend laying face down on the pavement, his bike flipped over onto him & dripping gas onto his back. I jumped down off the car, raced to my boyfriend & dragged him out from under the bike. We managed to stagger to the curb where we both collapsed. It was then I noticed both my Dr. Scholl sandals were missing – they must have flown off while I was flying through the air (I later learned one of them landed on the windshield of a car 3 lanes over going in the opposite direction). Luckily neither of us was hurt badly, but it was the strangest sensation – no sound, everything in slow motion!

    • My husband and kids just went zip lining, and loved it! I did a small one at a church camp when I was a teen, but now since I’m in w wheelchair, I’ll have to settle for dreaming of skydiving one day. Awesome story though.

      • You could still go zip-lining! It’s hard to see, but in the last photo on the Ethical Traveler post, you can maybe just see the two people starting a cable. They’re hooked on together, she just relaxes and enjoys the ride while he handles the braking. (Zip courses are hard to find, but if I meet anyone else looking to set one up, I’ll send them your way. 😉

        • Awesome! What about the hiking between jumps, and isn’t there a ladder for the platform you jump off? Maybe I could do the ladder, but the hike would be tough.

          • It would depend on the course. I’ve done it three different places, and each time there were some short hill-path hikes between lines, but I’d bet any legitimate course would be able to figure something out to get you where you needed to be. I’ve also heard rumors of a place in Laos where you go direct from tree platform to tree platform…

  3. Can it be a list? I hope so:

    1) I jumped out of a moving car while being chased by a car full of enraged neanderthals.

    2) I accidentally walked into the middle of a gang fight that was happening behind my high school and had to fight my way out.

    3) I jumped out of a two story building while running from cops for under age drinking, then jumped over a fence and hid in some bushed for an hour. Afterward I helped a girl escape and went back to her dorm room.

    4) I lived on a submarine in the Navy and got to shoot torpedoes and slept with my head inches from a nuclear missile.

    There are others, but they’re really not things I want to brag about….

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