I’m not sure what exactly this is, but this morning I felt good. Happy, for no reason. If any of you were writing that, I’d say that is a good thing, but with me, I’m not sure.

I don’t typically get happy. I’m more of a somber person in general. Always have been, which is why I noticed it was weird that I was happy. There is a possibility I’m over-thinking this, but what should I do? I took my kids to school and have accomplished some stuff, but I’m scared.

If I was happy for no reason, does that mean soon I’m going to be more depressed, emotional, angry for no reason? I don’t understand what would make me feel happy. I mean, life is good. I know that, but I don’t usually feel it. This is stupid to be writing about. I know that much, but I don’t care.

Anyway, I don’t know what I’m doing. Sorry for this post, I wont blame anyone for unfollowing me. It’s just weird. I’m concerned my hormones are out of whack, or something’s off, but maybe it’s normal. Do people wake up and move around and feel happy for no particular reason?

29 thoughts on “Confession?

  1. I do sometimes. Most of the time I just want to lay in bet for the rest of eternity, but every once in a while I feel like getting up, opening the curtains and seeing the sunshine.

    • Is it abnormal for you? I feel like a freak, but happiness unfortunately is a rare emotion. I love my family and stuff, just typically I exist, I just make it through each day.

      • Well, I’m generally pretty happy throughout the day just not in the morning. I find things to do that make me happy, otherwise I would probably just be a robot and walk around with indifference. So, I would just suggest to you to maybe try to pick up a hobby or something that makes you happy. Other than that, medication. I’d say weed but all my friends and family that smoke weed are not happy. They are not stressed, but they are not happy. I think because it replaces your serotonin after a while so your body depends on it to feel good instead of its natural chemical reaction.

        • Yeah, weed helps me relax, but I basically just like it right before bed because it helps me sleep. Yeah, hobbies are good, and music can help me get happy too. Maybe I just need to notice happy moments more.

  2. I happen to be a prisoner of my moods. Bipolar for one thing. Nothing is normal for me. I occasionally have good moods, but have more bad ones. I just have to go with the flow.

    • That’s another thing I was wondering, if maybe I was developing bipolar, instead of my typical severe depression.

      Im still feeling better than normal, but I think it’s because my husbands back from a fishing trip!

      • The problem with bipolar is that you get happier and the mania which is overly happy and out of control. The best way to find out is to see a dr.

          • Basically they use extensive screening questions and watch your actions. I tend to talk a hundred miles an hour while manic, can’t sit still, become over-sexual (normal for mania).Of course you could have a breakdown which is how I was finally diagnosed. And a year ago I half-assed tried suicide so ended up 10 days in a psyche unit. Now I am on meds that sort of work. Haven’t been very lucky before, but this is going better anyhow.

            If you want to be sure, call a psychiatrist or mental health center and have them screen you. Good luck!

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