13 thoughts on “Happy anniversary

        • We got lucky to remember before it was too late. 🙂 We just aren’t big holiday people. My son was born the month after we got married, so that is how I know the years. He’s about to turn 10. Some people might think it’s insensitive, or whatever, but that’s just how we are. I typically do things like Easter egg hunts or valentines day stuff after the actual holiday so I can get everything on sale.

          • I like your thinking. I always do Xmas a week before with my family so I can do what I want over Christmas, like go to Thailand. It’s much better, you can go ice skating, to a restaurant, if we waited for Xmas day we’d all be cooped up indoors driving each other insane.

            We call if Fake Xmas but we are all used to it now, so much so that when we’ve done it then a week or two later it is actually Xmas I feel like it’s already passed so find it weird everyone sending greetings on Facebook. it takes all the pressure of the day off…

            You burnt the turkey, oh well, let’s all go down to the pub for a pub lunch instead. On the actual Xmas day there is rarely anything open so you are screwed.

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