Rolled coaster

Roller coasters should be fun.

Except when they are in your head.

In your heart, in your mind.

They’re nauseating.

I want the highs and lows to stop.

Let me off this ride!

Okay, what can I do?

Hmmm…music helps, weed helps, writing helps, friends help. Please help me.

16 thoughts on “Rolled coaster

  1. LOL, lay off the weed, it’s a CNS depressant and will in the long run make a depression worse. Get into the sunshine, start a diary, help out at the local SPCA. And pls remind me to take my own advice next time I’m blue 😉

    Good poem. It says it all.

    • Weed…

      Okay, I am disabled and have prescriptions for things like lortab and Xanax not to mention the antidepressants, uppers, sleep meds, etc. I don’t take a lot of the stuff I could take because of all the crap that comes with rx drugs.

      Weed is something that works immediately with less after-effects than all my regular meds. That said, it makes me sleepy, so I pretty much only use a little before bed.

      Sunshine is a miracle drug, and I’m so glad the weather is finally cooperating, so I can go out more.

      Don’t know anything about SPCA, but I’ll check it out.

      Taking one’s own advice I always hard. Good luck with that.

      • 🙂 That shows you. I should never comment on a blog without first reading the “about”. Sorry. It’s a fact, it’s a gentler medication than all those heavy guns. I also know about 2 asthmatics who prefer it over the prescription meds.

        • ooh – I see Google made an automatic link in “prescription meds”. Oy! I didn’t put that there. It might just take you to a place where they advertise very rude stuff. The internet is a minefield…

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