What If Choosing Death Means Life? A Gimpy Monologue (rough)

He’s Sage for a reason. Wise words that speak unbearable truth. This should be a choice, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Everyone should be able to die with grace and dignity.

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They used to tell me that all life was sacred and beautiful, a gift given by the creator to his or her beloved children. The Buddha said that all life is suffering, that suffering is meant to be a transcendental experience delivering us into light. That’s bullshit. They have a word for people who get pleasure from pain… Masochist, and I am not one. What if you were literally a prisoner in your own body, feeling internal tremors as strong as earthquakes, slowly losing control… Muscles contracted so tightly, that eventually you start to cry. You reach your 50s, and you slowly begin to realize that you’re stuck in the body of an 80-year-old constantly in pain, and instead of saying I love you when you want to, the only thing you can say is get the fuck out, and you watch the tears flow like a river of pain…

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10 thoughts on “What If Choosing Death Means Life? A Gimpy Monologue (rough)

      • I was gonna write one too haha. I’m sorry I’ve been MIA, today was the worst gimpy day in awhile. I’ll set the new one up for today, and the other up for monday? I might put my next one out then too. thanks hobbler, I hope I don’t end up like John Nash 😉

        • I like the new one better. A lot of my favorite posts have been done on sleepless nights.

          If you’d like, you can save the other post for a day when you don’t feel like writing, but want to post something. It’s nice to have a backup ready.

          I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling good Sage. It’s been going on for a while, huh… So, what happens on your bad days? Spasticity, or pain, or weakness, or something else?

          Never worry about being MIA, and I don’t know who John Nash is. Sorry.

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