Tornado (continued)

When my husband and kids discovered that his parents were alive, but their home was destroyed, my husband did whatever he could to help. This included pulling their car out of the wreckage of their home, so that he could take his parents out of there.



My father-in-law has health problems, plus they were both in shock, so walking the mile or so back to where our vehicle was parked would have been very difficult for them all.

Although the windows were broken and there was insulation everywhere, the vehicle actually was able to be driven, so after backing it out, they loaded up some belongings they could find, and headed out of their neighborhood. I have a cell phone video taken while they were driving out, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to post it here. The most important thing is that they managed to get out, and we all began the 3 mile and 5 hour trip back to our house.









The roads were full of cars, people trying to find out if their homes, or their loved ones were ok. Police, fire, national guard everywhere. People walking, with dazed looks, and desperation on their faces. At this point, we still didn’t know if our house would be there, but we inched our way back to our own neighborhood.


The destruction was more patchy as we got closer. Most homes damaged, but still standing. Power lines were down everywhere, as were tree branches and other debri. It would be a while before we realized the true scope of the damage, but at that point, we were just wondering if we would have a home to go back to, and whether or not our dog would return.



To make a long story short, we finally made it home, and our house was ok, with minor damage and of course the power was out; and would be for quite some time. At least we were alive, my in-laws and their dog were alive, and our house was okay, our dog even made it into our backyard somehow with just a few bumps and cuts. Our house was also big enough for my in-laws to move in and still have a little privacy. The story was just beginning though…

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  1. Woah. At least they have you close by. Many older people these days could be very far from families, if they have them at all. I’d assume the community clubs together though. I wonder if that would be the case in a bigger city?

    • It was good we were close. My own parents live far away, and it would be difficult to reach them in a disaster like this. The community did come together. Really, the world came together. People and donations poured in from everywhere. I think it would happen in a big city too. It stinks that it takes catastrophes to bring people together, but at least they do come together when needed.

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