It was almost a year ago when life threw a powerful curve that knocked my town to its knees. I haven’t written about it until now, but it is never far from my thoughts.

An F5 tornado ripped through Moore destroying much of the town. The hospital I went to for tests and labs and emergencies like my broken hip, was destroyed. Houses, including my in-laws home, were demolished. Power lines down everywhere. An elementary school destroyed, and so much more. Businesses like a bank my kids had savings accounts with, restaurants, a 7-eleven…too much to list here. Worst of all, 24 people lost their lives.

As the tornado approached, my husband loaded me and our teen up and tried to get the dog, but he ran off (was injured in the storm, but it was a minor bump). We picked our younger children up from their terrified teacher and headed toward my inlaw’s. It was too late. By the time we were getting close, the radio was informing us that their neighborhood was being destroyed.

We lingered on the highway exit ramp until the tornado was too close for us to stay there. We said a prayer and hoped for some miracle to save their lives. It was, in some ways still is, unreal. We were finally able to circle around and make our way toward their neighborhood. The closer we got, the more total desolation we saw.

We weren’t able to go all the way to their neighborhood. Power lines and debri made it impossible, plus emergency responders and even regular people were blocking traffic off. When we got as close as we could, my husband, son, and eldest daughter walked the remaining mile or so to his mom and dad’s house. By some miracle, they survived in their bathtub with only a scratch, although their home and neighborhood was destroyed.

There’s so much more to tell, but I’ll have to take it slow. I think I’ll do a series of posts on this. I also have lots of pics and cell phone videos that haven’t been previously published which I might post here. Even though its been a year, my home wasn’t destroyed, my in-laws survived, etc. our community is still dramatically altered, and so am I. It’s hard to explain, but I hope to work through some of my feelings here. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I recall you saying your hospital was affected but you never said anything else. Incredible your in-laws survived such destruction around them. Send shivers down my spine. I cannot even comprehend what is must be like, but as always here to listen.

      • I can’t say “I’ll look forward to them!” But will be an eye opener for sure. The power of nature is always astounding, it really puts our place in this world and in the history of this planet into perspective.

        On another topic, I am making my USA visit plans for October, I am flying to San Diego then going up to Palm Springs to see friends, stopping off in wine country where I suppose you have to look refined and savour the grape rather than knock it down my throat as I usually would. Going to a tattoo convention in San Diego too, will see if I can get something done, and taking in a drag show from one of the stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

        Just need to get my head around this tipping thing you have. So it’s a dollar a drink? I’ll need a lot of dollar bills.

        • Sounds like you’re going to have a lot of fun! I’m not sure about tipping for drinks. When I drink, I’m usually at home. Tipping for food at a restaurant is usually 20% of the bill.

    • I put some photos in there. Looking through the pics just brings it all back. My kids have had flyers from their school recently talking about remembrance and the memorials and stuff. I have so many feelings. I was crying the other day while looking through the school notices. That’s when I decided I need to write about it.

  2. Wow. Amazing power. Saw that on the next post. I was in a tornado a long time ago, nowhere near an F5, likely an F.1. Came across Lake Manitoba (big lake) and picked up water like crazy. Looke like a wall of water coming at us. It was a campground, so nowhere to really ago except a ditch The funnel missed us by enough that all we really got was rain and wind, very scary. Cannot imagine what this must have been like.

  3. Everyone in our family has been hit by tornado at least once – a lot of Texas & Iowa relatives. One was F5 in Wichita Falls TX years ago. It changes lives. Some for the better, some for the worse. I could tell ya some really personal stories. None good. Nothing good about them IMO. Hurt too many lives.

    I hate high winds, too. Side effect I guess. :/

    • I’m so sorry. I never really fully comprehended their destructive power till last ear. I’d seen it on TV, and I’d been through a few, but it is so different when its your family, your town forever changed.

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