I broke my foot

I broke my foot yesterday. Long story, but basically I ran over it with my power chair. How can a person do that? Me and my crazy life. Sorry, back to tornado story soon.

34 thoughts on “I broke my foot

    • Ruthie, I’m not. I’m a bitch in real life. At least to my husband. I suck.

      That said, thank you, and you, my dear, are the truly funny one. Hope the hotel is going good. I love you too!

      • My love. You are not a bitch. You may want to be, but you are my girl and an awesome one at that. Honey you don’t give yourself enough credit! Your husband and children love you. I know what you are doing. Stop it, stop right now. Love your family and stop trying to spare them. We love you darlin’. Really love you. So let us. Look through your husband’s facade. See the man for who he is. He loves you baby girl.

        • You are the best. Wise, and funny. I think I can be a horrible person, but I’m hard on myself too. I need therapy. 😉 Seriously though. I’m going to try to find a psychiatrist today that I can go to in my wheelchair. I think my meds are off. My depression/paranoia/craziness seems to be getting worse, and I think a lot of it is chemical.

  1. well… this puts you in a whole new category… with my friend who got run over by two motorcycles in a single day… one of which he was a passenger on the back of… try to be more careful.

  2. Sympathies, girl. I reckon if people can run themselves over in their own car, they can certainly do it with a power chair. Hope it heals up painlessly enough – was glad to read it wasn’t your “good” foot – that would’ve sucked. Take care, Hobbler.

    • Thanks Jeff. Yeah, it could have been so much worse. It amazing I only broke one of the bones in my foot too. I can’t move four toes, but I guess the rest are just bruised.

  3. Oh Hobbles & I thought I was the only one who did things like this! Can you imagine spraining your knee turning over in bed? Hope your foot heals up soon!

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