Reality Check

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Calling all philosophers: Part 2


Is there anything one partner in a relationship can do which entitles the other person to cheat?

Examples: being a bitch/asshole, overly emotional, lazy, physically disfigured, illness, lying, cheating first, overly aggressive or apathetic, etc.

Before everyone starts thinking this is about me or my life:

1. 85% of this blog is fiction
2. A good writer should be able to connect to emotions outside of themselves.
3. A good writer should be able to explore and exploit real emotions and life circumstances.
4. Creativity in general makes it difficult, even for the creator, to understand truth.
5. Is there even really such a thing?
6. Maybe that will be the next blog…

I have a dream…


Scratch that, I had a dream. Happens fairly often. Vivid dreams with every sensory input that’s available in the real world.

Typically,these dreams happen after a restless night, between 4 and 7. I usually make little notes about these dreams when I wake, so I can recall them, and/or write about them.

At the risk of giving away a future best-seller, I’ll give you this morning’s note:

Home with kids and a few of their friends
Sitting around
Watching Blue Bloods
Crawling under that weird wheelchair ramp…
Escaped lunatics
Police man
Capture 2
Riding the tiny pink push-scooter thing with friend?
Getting candy?
Couldn’t make it. I get off.
So funny
More lunatics
Me and daughter
People watching
My daughter watching
Somebody do something
Talked them into it?

Best-seller right? Have a beautiful day WordPress world.


20140617-223024.jpgI dreamed of you today.
Your lingering touch.
Your passionate cries.
Your steadfast attention.
The icy fingers around my throat.
The strength of your grip.
The awareness of the futility of escape.
You consume me.
You terrify me.
You control me.
We are locked together in this daily existence.
We hate each other, yet can’t bear to be apart.
This dance of pain.
This union of suffering.
This battle within.

Losing game


I’m not an idiot.

At least not as much as you seem to think.

I know you were with her.

It doesn’t matter when or how long or what you did.

While you’re giving yourself to her, you’re losing more than you know.

Your perfect illusion of happiness.

She makes you feel wanted.




It’s understandable why you want that.

I want it to.

Guess fairy tales don’t come true.

Happy endings only come after seedy massages.

Not in this life.

Not in this love.

Maybe you’ll be happy.

Until she sees the full version.

The unedited you.

It’s almost as bad as you think I am.

Your “love”‘s a mockery.

A slap in the face.

Evidence of your hatred.

Toward me.

Toward yourself.

I’m angry.

I’m broken.

I wish we could have lived.




No one wins this game.

We never even realized we were playing.

Sorry for my faults.

There are many.

Sorry for your blindness.

To what we could have had.

If you’d loved me like you love her.

If I’d loved you without fear.

Without regret.

We both could have kept it.

Learned to love again.

But we were blind to it.

To what is slipping away,

Maybe already gone,

In this losing game.



That’s mine!

And then you say…

That’s not how you do it.

Stop it!

You never let me…

Don’t be such a baby.

But you promised…

Leave me alone!

Why won’t you play with me?

Don’t tell mom.

I told you so.

I’m never playing with you again!

Come on, lets go…


Step right up, have I got a deal for you! Although it might not be immediately recognizable, you my friend, have an opportunity of a lifetime staring right at you.

“It doesn’t look that special”, ah, to the untrained eye possibly, but most truly valuable luxuries aren’t as shiny as expensive autos with their expensive price tags.

You see, many valuable things were once considered worthless. Often true value is ignored by those who have had the lengthiest possession of the treasure. At least when it comes to what we are talking about…

Ok, so maybe I’m not sure this is for sale anymore. The more I think about it, the less I want to get rid of this treasure. Maybe one day I’ll give it away. Maybe to someone who will recognize its value. I’m not sure that person exists though. It’s certainly not something worth waiting around for. Maybe the best thing to do is to really recognize and value what I possess. Regardless of whether or not anyone else sees its worth. The last thing I want to do is get rid of it, only to find a “priceless” sticker labeling it while it collects dust on a shelf somewhere.