Shhh…Come here…

Shhh. Ok, listen. There are some real freaks in this world. Like seriously disturbed serial killers.

This has been a public service announcement, brought to you by PWWW.


27 thoughts on “Shhh…Come here…

      • If you goggle the name Dennis Nielson. Serial killer of gay men. I know an old chap from the pub, he was invited over for dinner to the killers home back in the day, – he declined, just aswell as he would have been the main course. He used to drink in the pub I go to picking up his victims, obviously many years before my time. He was actually living in the area I now bought my home in this year, and his flat just went on the market for a lot of money, more so as it was his home. How macabre. I just worry there are some smells Febreze can’t remove. Imagine sugar soaping the walls and the stench of boiling flesh overpowers you that has been ingrained for decades.

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