Writing: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Approximately 80% of this blog is fiction. Inspired by thoughts, dreams, medications, hormones, and a touch of paranoia; all sprinkled with tidbits of truth. As writers, we have a calling to connect words with emotions. It is a dangerous quest that brings many creative minds to the brink of madness.

That said, I have a story for you.


“I’ve never seen such a pure visualization of man’s eternal struggle with the demons of his past.”

“The depth of the brush strokes suggests such a wide range of emotions tormenting the artist.”

“I heard that these paintings were done by a small child. Can you imagine?”

“Impossible. No child would paint with such a…what is that color? It’s brownish-red…almost black. What is that. It can’t be oil based; some other medium? Regardless, it is too ugly for a child’s painting.”

“I think it’s a rather beautiful color. A bit on the melancholy side, but look at the title, ‘Desperation’. Perfect color to set the mood.”

“Well, I don’t understand why they all are in that shade. A few yellow undertones, or perhaps some deep navy would highlight some of the fine detail, and provide a focal point.”

No, please! Please don’t hurt me!

Life is only a moment, but you are special. You have been chosen to go on forever.

I promise I won’t tell. Just let me go. Please…

Now, now sweetheart; you don’t want to deprive my son of his favorite playtime activity do you?

Your son…he’s just a baby…I’ll watch him…I’ll play with him.

Aren’t you a dear. Although I appreciate the offer, he’d rather play with you. Do you know what his favorite thing to play with is? Paint! He loves to paint, but it dries so quickly. We need it to be fresh. Warm and rosy. I think I’ll start with your cheeks; although they look rather pale at the moment…

No, no! Help me! Someone help me!

Now look what you’ve done. You woke him from his nap. Oh well, guess it’s time to play!

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