Sorry I Interrupted the Serenity of Your Dump: A Gimpy Monologue

Everyone needs to read this, and think twice before choosing your stall.


7 thoughts on “Sorry I Interrupted the Serenity of Your Dump: A Gimpy Monologue

  1. I confess I did this one being drunk many many years ago, after I pulled the emergency alarm thinking it was the flush so that alerted the whole pub as the alarm was wailing out. I learnt my lesson

    • Joe! You’re back! I always love seeing your smiling thumb face. How was Spain? Are you going to write about it? Did you already? I’ll check soon.

      Shame on you, but I’m glad you learned the error of your ways. 😉 maybe I should start carrying a loudspeaker with one of those hornblaster things to use when people casually walk out of those stalls.

        • Lol, well at least you were drunk and confused. Most people who occupy that stall just want the space and don’t think about the fact that some of us really need the space. Pulling that “I need help” cord is too funny.

          I’ve accidentally pulled it at the doctors office and was quickly met by two nervous front staff workers. I think they were secretly praying I wasn’t 400lbs or something that would be more of a challenge to help.

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