Yah, I’m posting something else. PMAO  does it all the time. I need to say something. I’m not well. Yeah, I have MS and broken bones and all that stuff, but I’m mentally unstable. Seriously. I imagine some of you are second guessing your choice to follow this blog, or maybe my mental state is what led you here in the first place. Writers are weird like that. Anyway, so I’m crazy. Terrified of making my kids this way. Wandering alone in the caverns of my mind. Watching reality fade away. Hoping to somehow write the insanity away. Writing is the only thing I have confidence in. I’m not actually a writer. Just a blogger, throwing words into the internet. Hoping that one day when I look at the splatter of words on the walls of my mind, they will make a crazy, magic picture thing that will answer the fruitless questions of my existence.


8 thoughts on “Again?

    • Thank you, I think creativity is directly linked with insanity, and now I’m hoping my creativity isn’t as much of a pushover as my sanity was.

  1. Uh… we are all doing that… and most of us aren’t as good at it as you are… but I do like the way you tied me into this… so… uh… wait… you do know that I am only teasing you because I sense that pity is the last thing you want, right?

  2. As I’ve been told numerous times, writing is writing. You write something you are a writer. And my manic side is my creative side. Not manic now and not creative at all.

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