Lots of fish…


Once upon a time there was a fish.

One fish in the sea of millions.

The thing that makes this fish tale different,

Is that this fish didn’t know  how to swim.

She tried.

She tried so hard.

To be like the other fish.

To “fly” through the water.

The other fish made it look easy.

The same water that lifted everyone else,

Was suffocating, heavy, immobilizing.

A few fish tried to help.

To teach her how to swim

No use.

She couldn’t swim.

Eventually she stopped trying.

She wasn’t strong enough.

At least she wasn’t in her mind’s eye.

So she drifted.

So she fell.

So she drowned.

But don’t be sad…

There are lots of fish in the sea.

5 thoughts on “Lots of fish…

  1. No! NO NO. That little fish was born. she knew Not how to swim, not how to float, not out to breathe. But sugar, she was born and now the world (sea) is her her new beginning. If that little fish gives up now, she will never see what is in store for her. Jump right back in sugar. ❤

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