A thousand years, a million miles


Happily uncomfortable.

I remember the feeling of your arms.

Wanting to be held, needing to sleep.

Wondering how long before I’d grow accustomed

To the warmth of your bedtime embrace.

What a lovely habit to make.

Remembering that time.

Our first night together.

A thousand years ago.

Now we’re here.

Aches and pains.

Restless awakenings.

Your side.

My side.

The same bed.

A million miles apart.

Roll over.

A silent tear.

Missing us.

Then your touch.

That loving embrace.

A thousand years

We’re both still here.

One bed, two sides.

Not a million miles wide.

The warmth of your arms reminds me

Sleep is sweeter when love is free.

So we sleep a few feet apart.

We still are close in each other’s heart.

You can roll over now…


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