Hey Baby…it’s 3am, I must be lonely…


It’s song lyrics…I’m not actually lonely, but it is 3am…

So why am I awake? Good question.

I’m sick. Yuck, cold/flu whatever, but there must be more to it than that…

Maybe I’m the reincarnation of some nocturnal animal tonight.

Maybe I am a spy, and all important sneaky stuff needs to be done while the boring non-spies sleep.

Maybe some mysterious event is about to happen and, due to my insomnia, I’m not going to miss it.

Maybe I really am an alien, like I tell my kids. (A little healthy fear is good for kids).

Maybe tomorrow decided to come early in its cloak of darkness.

Maybe I would have been having a nightmare and my mind decided to spare me the horror.

Maybe it’s Opposite Day and I really am asleep.

Maybe I need a drink. Or a smoke. Or a pill.

Maybe I supposed to be developing the characters for my fictional autobiography. (It’s going to be awesome).

Maybe I should just lay there.

Maybe I should get up.

How do you turn off your brain?


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