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If you see this and click “like” just because it’s a cute title, stop following my blog. I need some input from writers for a while. Amazing how blogging has all these aspiring “writers” who don’t actually comment.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all you people who click “follow” or “like”. You raise my confidence and inspire posts like this! Ok, I’ll stop now.

WRITERS: Please, tell me any personal thoughts on “point of view” in writing. I’m talking, first, second, or third person viewpoints. If you read, which perspective do you like reading from?

Speaking of perspective, There are three types of followers, “likers”, writers, and friends. Hmm, maybe I’ll do a post on that. It would get tons of “likes”. Actually, you have it. No copyrights on this paragraph. Enjoy being freshly pressed.

If you’re still reading this, you are the third type of follower, the loyal friend. I value your friendship immensely and hope you continue to follow me and be my friend. You don’t have to be anything or anyone other than yourself.


17 thoughts on “Don’t “like” this

        • I miss those! Weren’t they great?? I can remember sneaking a flashlight from the kitchen drawer and staying up late just to read those books. Come to think of it though, I had a habit of picking the crap choices then, too. Dang it.

          • I did the same. I used to look for and find copies in the thrift store. In fact, i think that was when i really started developing a love of reading. Our rare trips to the library were like finding buried treasure to see the shelf full of them!

  1. I actually don’t have a preference. But when I read first person, I like a little bit of a casual, conversational style. For anything else I like to get one characters perspective, then next chapter or the one after, get another. I find too much switching back and forth a bit hard to follow, but mixing it up a little is good, in my opinion.

  2. I think the first person has the most potential for being really interesting, but it can be awkward and it comes with lots of expectations. Basically if the charcater is looking inwards its great, but if the character is more action based its probably better to go third.

    In my case I had written my villain in the first person so that I could show – and in a way force – the reader to experience his thoughts and so make him seem more evil. But… in the end I scrapped that idea and wrote him in the third person for a more neutral but more adaptable voice.

    The second person is terrible. Always terrible.

  3. To be honest, I don’t think I have a preference. I do like to feel as though I’m one with the main character, in which case first person would win out, but also third person limited (I think it’s limited…I always get the two terms mixed up).

  4. I almost always used to write in first person, but when I began writing my blog I tended to switch to 3rd person except if I was writing non-fiction. In other words if I was writing about me personally I would use I instead of writing in 3rd person if that makes sense.

    • That does make sense. I’ve read somewhere that 1st person wasn’t good to use, but that must have been talking about some certain situation. Or maybe it was an old “writing tips” book, when 1st person wasn’t fashionable.

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